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HillywoodShow Breaking Dawn Parody!

These girls are simply amazing! This is one of my favorites. I was crying laughing at Kyle Dayton (Jacob's) part. Hilarious!! And these gals deserve all the sucess, the most down to earth, sweetest people I've ever met!

Video from JckSparrow

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It's Coming Soon...Check out @HillywoodShow 's BD Parody Preview!!

The Hillywood gals are at it again, working hard to bring us another amazing parody!! Seriously these girls are super talented and such sweethearts. Can't wait to see the new parody! They are so talented...

In case you've missed any of the amazing videos from The Hillywood Show check out their YouTube Channel!! ---> JckSparrow

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OMG! The Hillywood Show Eclipse Parody is Here!


You know, I used to think that the Hillywood Show was really stupid and pathetic because I thought they were doing this in a way to insult Twilight...but I've been proven wrong on that! It's just really funny! They're not insulting it at all!

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