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New Fan Picture of Kristen + Fan Account February 17, 2014

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I am not one to usually get star struck, but yesterday at Atlanta airport I became a dorky teenage boy with a crush. We had lunch at TGI Fridays, as we were about to leave Kristen Stewart sat down two tables from us. I wanted to say something but chickened out. We boarded our flight, just before the airplane doors were closed guess who walked in, Kristen Stewart was going to Nashville and she sat directly behind me. When we landed at Nashville and were waiting to deplane I turned around and talked to the girl that is the lock screen saver on my phone. We talked for a couple of minutes, I shook her hand and then it was over. I took this photo before I talked to her, she asked that I not take a picture so I didn't get a good pic. She was very polite and I was a complete dork, but it was worth it lol.
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New Fan Picture of Kristen at Cafe Figaro in Los Feliz on March 14, 2013 + Detailed Fan Encounter

UPDATE: Moved the post to the top because we added a detailed fan account from this day.

I can’t handle how awesome this pic of me and Kristen Stewart is. #TeamBella

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New Kristen fan pic + Video from Paris + Fan Account

Fan encounter from OTRMovieFR | Translated by @eurofabulous

The fan, Noemie and her friends heard about Kristen being in Paris so they took the train a few hours later to meet over there and try to see her. She was alone at first and stopped in front a hotel where a few fans were. She asked them about it and they sent her to a different hotel but then her bff told her that Kristen was seen at the exact hotel she was with those girls. (ashamed of these fans tbh)

As she got back to the hotel, she saw a van arrived. Kristen got out and hugged a few fans. She looked tired but had a big smile on her face for her fans. Then that fan saw the On The Road, producer enter the hotel. she waited until he was alone and asked him a few questions about promo and he told her that the movie is done, there was never any technical problems with it, they just wanted to wait for a big occasion to attract as many people as possible (I'm guessing Cannes).

The next day, at night, she's back in front of her hotel with the other fans. a van stops, her French bodyguard tells them she's gonna meet them but that the papz should stay behind the fans. She gets out, signed a few autographs, it's the chaos, everyone is taking pics. That girl got to take a pic of her friend with Kristen, then she fangirls about Kristen was looking at her lens lol. she takes another pic but then the fans are surrounding her so they made her go inside. Then fans start to speculate over whether or not she's gonna go out at night but then HBG comes down and told them 'Kristen asked that they don't freeze for her and should go home.'

The next day at 6:30am, she got out with her team but by the back door to avoid the papz.

that's it ol

For a detailed fan encounter in French click here!

More fan pics from Noemi here!


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New/Old pics of Kristen with Nikki Reed + Fan encounter

These pics are from back in 2008;)

From Duncandiary | Via
The real story, however, was that on the flight to LA, I sat in the row directly behind the cast of the Twilight movie. Normally I'm not overly star struck but this was quite the strange situation because Natalie had just gotten the 4 book series of the Twilight story and read them all and loved them! She told me all about the story, told me she's dying to see the movie... and was just in love with the story. So here I find myself a day later sitting with all these people that she just spent the week reading about! it was just so strange!

Anyway, I would normally just let them go but because Natalie was so into their story, I just knew that I had to ask for a picture, and to let them know how much of a fan Natalie is already. They were extremely nice and very good looking, despite having been up early and just had a long flight. The picture doesn't do them justice but trust me, they were truly stunning.

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NEW Kristen Picture with fan + fan account

@Harviikills tweeted yesterday: Ahh! Today I met Kristin Stewart!! :') Today they tweet the pic. And Kristen looks adorable i love her:)


Remember the account from yesterday?? Her pic here:) Ahh! Me & Kristen Stewart Yesterday!! :D

 A little more info from the fan: Kristen walked out the car, no one recognised her, and i screamed!! and she turnt around and i begged for a pic.. and she did it, and i was like WE HAVE THE SAME GLASSES! AND SHE WAS CRACKING UP SAYING THANKYOU!! xo

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