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New GIF From the Lapa Set! Kristen is Touching Her Man! OMG



 OH. MY. GOD. 

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Rob & Kristen in People Magazine Istoe (Scan)

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Robsten Filming Breaking Dawn Featured in Tititi Magazine (Brazil)

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Some tweets on what's going on in Brazil!!

@FePattz: just a correction. steph walked around paraty on wed night and thurs afternoon not morning like i wrote.
19 minutes ago

@FePattz: and that used the track go to to the house that they are staying at the isle..
21 minutes ago

@FePattz:the article didn't say if they are heading to Rio or if they wrapped in Brazil. 'VEJA' just says that Bill called off the shooting yesterday
21 minutes ago

@FePattz: Steph stayed in an Inn there.. tasted typical food and bought some souvenirs. she almost went unrecognized.
25 minutes ago

@FePattz: and steph visit the center of Paraty withoy any problems. she went there on wed afternoon and thurs morning.
27 minutes ago

@FePattz: they had to use a track cos was a lot of papz infront of the house using boats
28 minutes ago

@FePattz: so Bill call off the shooting yesterday afternoon due to bad weather!
30 minutes ago

Thanks so much to @FePattz for keeping us updated:-)p

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More pictures of Rob and Kristen leaving for paraty

Here's more on where they are headed: The honeymoon location confirmed!


Via BlogTwiBrasil and Robsessed/via 

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New Vid! Report on On Breaking Dawn Filming (And LOTS of Kissing!)

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New Video! Rob and Kristen Kiss OFF CAMERA!?

source / via


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More Pretty! OH My God, Are You Still Alive?! New Picture!


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Here Are All The Vids Summed Up In One! Finally!


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Oh Yes! More Pretty! GIF Image of Rob and Kristen Embracing While Filming!


via: @vonch

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Oh My ROBSTEN! GIF Image of Rob Kissing Kristen on the Boat! (And YES, this is OFF-CAMERA)



Oh My there ANYTHING ELSE!?!?!?!!?!

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People Magazine: Robert and Kristen Cause a Stir in Brazil...And Online!

A casually dressed Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson landed in Brazil on Friday – and their arrival was heralded across the Internet.

The pair, who have been getting conspicuously cozy lately, are in Rio de Janeiro to film scenes for the next Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn, leaving their fans to excitedly document their activites.

First, photos surfaced of Stewart, 20, and Pattinson, 24, at the airport in New Orleans en route to their destination, followed soon by more images taken by a fellow passenger – and a thrilled reaction from one female fan.

"I'm going to die. Kirsten Stewart and Rob Pattinson on my plane. On the seat at the side!" wrote the fan, who was returning from Disney World, according to the Rio daily newspaper
O Globo.

Read more here.

source / via: 500DaysofRK / via: Twilightish

They got that right! It was MAYHEM last night!!! This is EPIC.

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