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#WFE Director @Hibbits tweets: Movie almost ready!!

We are getting closer and closer to March then April!! Who is excited about it? I am!! definitely ready to see our baby Rob shine:) Preferably alongside our lovely Kristen too why not right? 

From RPLife
Looks like there's no rest for Rob even in his short break from Breaking Dawn. Water for Elephants' interviews, ADR... It can be ADR for old Jacob, but since Rob is in LA right now, I'll guess it's for young Jacob :)
The Rodrigo in the tweet is Rodrigo Prieto, WFE cinematographer.

If some of you are wondering what ADR is it is automated dialogue replacement, it just means that the actor is rerecording some of his lines for the movie if they didn't come out right. redubbing them.
I'm gonna miss his updates he was always so good about keeping us informed:)

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