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Rob on 50 Minutes Inside (French Show)

They get married and then finally they do ... well you know what. I mean we've been waiting 3 movies for this, You took your time, Rob.

Rob: I was like why didn't they just watched a porno. But really it was an important scene for us because it's not detailled in the book.

It's pretty violent, isn't it?

Rob: Well it's sort of passionate, like intense love making.

Are you that brutal in your sex life?

Rob: Absolutely, I've smashed many walls.

Your hotel room is going to be a disaster tomorrow?

Rob: It's everywhere, even when I'm by myself.

Vampires are in right now. Remember how I dressed up with Nikkos at the Dracula Premiere. So I tried to be one of you.

Rob: It's good.

It's good, it's not too old fashioned?

Rob: No, no, it looks very realistic. You look a little bit too brown tho, like a vampire from Nice.

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[VIDEO] New Rob Interview from Paris BD Promo + Translation

Screams. Girls who can't control themselves. This is the Robert Pattinson effect. This Sunday, The hero of the Twilight Saga had a meet and greet planned with his fans for the premiere of the fourth movie of the saga.
And no matter those piercing screams that hurt your ears, Robert Pattinson is always happy to visit us in Paris.

Rob: I love Paris, it's always so easy to do everything here.

The next day, it's in his hotel room that we met a not so awake Robert Pattinson. He had a short night, we won't say more.

Things get serious in this fourth movie, since his character, Edward becomes a dad. Now Rob, this is a big responsability.

Rob: Edward's kind of the most old-fashioned and moral character in the series. He's the one who says 'no sex before marriage', blah blah blah.
And then when Bella gets pregnant, even though at first he thinks it's a demon baby or whatever; his first thought is 'abort it!' It's kind of, it's funny. I'm really looking forward to see how it's received when it comes out.

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More HQ Pics of Rob at BD Paris Fan Event + New Fan Pic

Fan pic from Saturday night

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Rob interview for M6

Translated Transcript

Xavier : Wow. Before talking about the movie, what do you think of all this ? Is it always like this?

Rob: Not particularly, only at these events. I have the most ridiculous facial expressions when I go out. I’ve seen this clip a few times; I look like I have a problem.

Xavier: Is it like this in every country of the world when you’re promoting?

Rob: Kind of, yeah. This is the fourth movie now and nothing has changed. Everybody is still screaming?

Xavier: A lot of your whereabouts are comment on, on twitter? Your life looks like an internet reality tv show. Are you okay with this, or not?

Rob: it’s an unintentional reaction but yeah. I’ve become better at hiding over the last few years. At the beginning I was overwhelmed by everything. I think I was trying to hard to deal with all this.I’m starting of fit in, I don’t live in a town, it’s much simpler.

Xavier: You’re living like a vampire, in hiding?

Rob: Not exactly, I mean I live in California so there’s not too many shadow there.

Xavier: Let’s talk about the movie. You’ve been playing the role of Edward Cullen for three years now.Edward is a nice vampire; he doesn’t kill humans and falls in love with Bella, a young normal girl, played by Kristen Stewart. For the past three movies, let’s juts say that those two have been chasing after other, right? And now, they’re finally getting married, sleep together and make a baby. We can say that Edward is pretty slow at doing things but when he does it, he goes all out!

Rob: yeah, he’s very slow moving. It’s funny, there’s like, the first series which is all about a kind of fear of having sex, scared of something happening. But when it finally happens, they create a demon baby. It’s kind of hilarious, especially since it doesn’t stop teenagers from waiting to have sex.

Xavier: The wedding scene, did it make you want to get married?

Rob: I don’t know, I guess so. I’ve always been … I’ve always like weddings. I haven’t been to many weddings My older friends are starting to get married. It’s scary in some ways but I mean you can still get a divorce.

Xavier: But if you have kids, you can’t get divorced. I mean, you can’t divorce your kids.Rob: No you can’t, but you can have a lot of them so you can at least get a good one.Xavier: Do you want kids then?

Rob: Definitely, I wanna have kids.

Xavier: In the movie, there’s this incredible scene where you perform a c-section with your teeth, don’t you?

Rob: Oooooh nothing came through my ear piece.

Xavier: You’re doing it with your teeth.Rob: Oh yeah, definitely. Xavier: In French we call that a ‘cesarienne’.

Rob: Yeah, I do it with my mouth. I mean that was one of the most fun things I’ve ever had to do in those movies.

Pic source | Videos + Transcript Thanks RPLife

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New Stills of Rob from his appearance on french tv show TF1

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