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MTV 'Behind the Scenes' Spots with the SWATH Cast

All 3 small clips in one video thank you veronicaspuffy

You can download the clips here

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MTV SWATH Contest - Win Tickets to Sneak Peek + Screening

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Beginning Tuesday, May 29 through Friday, June 1, MTV will screen some of this summer’s hottest films for a selection of very lucky fans. The lineup includes ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, ‘Magic Mike’ and more. But don’t fret, readers — we didn’t forget about you at home. During the weeklong festivities you can catch some of the castmembers from each film on MTV at 11 p.m. ET to introduce an exclusive clip from their movie! And, of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. Immediately following the on-air presentation, MTV News’ Josh Horowitz will be on hand for a Q& A with the actors live on You can follow along with the action on Twitter using the hash tag #MTVSneak.

On Tuesday, we’re hanging out with none other than Kristen Stewart as she and a few of her co-stars give us an early glimpse at “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Stewart plays the title character in this revolutionary take on the classic tale. As she’s sought by Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) — who’s intent on destroying her — she teams up with a Huntsman named Eric (Chris Hemsworth) as they attempt to reclaim their kingdom. The cast also includes Sam Claflin, who plays William, a young duke enraptured by Snow White’s purity and defiance.

So, how do you nab one of the coveted seats in the audience to view these flicks and see the stars in person? Glad you asked! MTV partnered with Chevrolet for the First Look contest. Fans can enter for a chance to win tickets to Sneak Peek Week and the 2012 MTV Movie Awards! One lucky person will win a trip to Los Angeles, a pass to screen all four films, a ticket to the awards show and they’ll even hit the pre-show red carpet with Horowitz to interview one of the Sneak Peek Week celebrities!

Taping Tuesday, May 29th at 2pm PT | 5pm ET


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MTV First Special with SWATH Cast

The whole interview in medium quality

SWATH by RobstenDreams

First 19 minutes in HD

Watch all the Individual MTV videos here

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Another MTV First Sneak Peek with the SWATH Cast

Full interview starts tonight at 7:56pm ET on MTV continuing on at 8pm ET

“The costumes were more damaging than the actual fight sequences,” Theron revealed. “I was way more bruised from my costume than I was from [fighting with Stewart]. Doing a fight sequence in your sweatpants is different than wearing an 80-pound steel thing. I don’t know, you were in leather,” she said to her co-star Chris Hemsworth. “It’s different. [Stewart] was in full metal, I was in full metal, just getting down, it took us four hours,” she said, speaking of the complex setting involved in filming her showdown with Stewart.

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MTV First: Snow White and the Huntsman on May 8 + Interview Preview

Things are really heating up for the summer movie season. We've got the release of "Marvel's The Avengers" this week, "Battleship" soon after and the very buzz-worthy action adventure "Snow White and the Huntsman" arrives June 1, marking the debut of Kristen Stewart as an action star.

MTV News is very proud to announce that we will be offering fans an exclusive first look at the film via "MTV First: Snow White and the Huntsman" on Tuesday, May 8. Stewart and co-stars Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin will be live on MTV's airwaves at 7:56 p.m. ET to premiere the exclusive clip, after which they will stick around for a Q&A on hosted by MTV News' Josh Horowitz. Fans can get in on the action by submitting their reactions to the clip in the comments section or on Twitter (using @MTVNews, hashtag #MTVFirst). During "MTV First," the four stars will also answer your Twitter questions and dish on the very latest news.

In order to help tide you over until the big reveal next week, here's a little interview snippet from Stewart in which she discusses her preparation for mastering the English accent required for her role as the titular Snow White.

"I worked on it for a while, so I was really lucky, I didn't have to jump right in," Stewart said of her ample pre-production time. "I would have been terrified [if I had to jump in], so I felt really confident with it when I went into it. I didn't feel like I was attached to specific lines and stuff, which I would kill myself if I felt that I had to know exactly what I was going to say."

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'Cosmopolis' Wins MTV Movie Brawl 2012 + Paul Giamatti Talks About the Win and Rob

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We did it guys! Cosmopolis won!

Paul Giamatti talking about the win and Rob: "Nice guy, I liked him a lot"

Via: RobPattzNews | Youtube thanks to RPLife

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Madeleine Stow Talks About 'Unbound Captives' and Rob at Golden Globes

Robert Pattinson is so beloved by "Unbound Captives" producer Madeleine Stowe that she may consider altering a character in the film's script so that the "Twilight Saga" star can take the role.
MTV News caught up with Stowe on the Golden Globes red carpet and asked her whether there is any chance of RPattz being in the upcoming film. After all, when we last talked to Pattinson, he suggested that he might now be too old for the role.

"The character was conceptualized as an 18-year-old," Stowe acknowledged. When asked if she would be willing to age up the role so he could still take the part, she said with a laugh, "We might. We might just do that. We'll see how it all falls."

It wasn't just the "Twilight" phenomenon that is causing Stowe to be willing to jump through hoops for Pattinson. She explained that she met him before he joined the first "Twilight" film and "fell deeply in love with him" then.

Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz are also currently attached to the project. In fact, Jackman recently told MTV News that it's "one of the best scripts I've read in a long time."

With Pattinson's commitment to "Cosmopolis" over with, he seemingly has an open slate ahead of him. Stowe said that Pattinson's decision to come onboard "Unbound Captives" is strictly in his camp.
"It's going to be sort of up to Robert. We're looking at 2013 [for a release date] right now," Stowe said.

Source: MTV | Via: RobsessedBlog | Youtube via RPLife

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Rob and Kristen on MTV's 'The Best Celeb Couple Style Of 2011' List

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The Twilight casting masterminds struck gold when they chose Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as their leading man and lady. Little did they know, the two would blossom into one of the celeb world's most enviously chic couples in the history of eyes. Rob, every bit the English gentleman, is notorious for taking to the red carpet in the nattiest suits, sometimes in the most delightfully unexpected hues. While K. Stew's personal style is a little more laid-back, she ditched the checkered Keds and hoodies in favor of this ornately detailed black gown for the U.K. premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Swaddled in dark hues, the couple manages to emit mysterious and edgy vibes without looking totally goth.

Source: MTV | Via: Spunk-Ransom

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Rob's Vanity Fair, Kristen's W Magazine and Taylor's GQ Magazine on MTV's 'The Best Fashion Magazine Covers Of 2011' List

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Another year, another set of Twilight covers! Taylor Lautner smoldered as a throwback to the Rat Pack in a lean suit and slicked hair on the November issue of GQ Australia, while Kristen Stewart also exemplified an homage to retro fashion as a '60s bombshell on the September issue of W. (Do yourself a favor and look at that cover in a bigger version—it's a cat's eye to dream about.) On the opposite side of the spectrum, Robert Pattinson poses with an alligator (um, sure?) on the April cover of Vanity Fair in a very Crocodile-Dundee-meets-urban-cowboy shoot that leaves us with SO many questions: Is that marsh real? Why is Rob's shirt so wrinkled? Is that crocodile considered an accessory? Is PETA mad? We're not! Now if only he'd undo just one more button...

Source: MTV | Via: vonch

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Jackson Rathbone compliments Rob's musical talents

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Jackson Rathbone – Twilight actor and member of funk-rock band 100 Monkeys – has revealed that he and co-star Robert Pattinson kept the creative juices flowing between takes by making sweet music together.
Jackson, who plays Jasper Hale in the vampire flicks, told us: “I love making music, and definitely don’t feel like I’d have to give up acting to focus more on it, or vice versa. It’s all art, and I love art!”
With rumours flying around about Pattinson getting set to record an album, Jackson was full of compliments for his co-star’s musical talents, even teasing: “Hey, maybe we could even perform on-stage together one day...”

Read the full article on MTV UK

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Vote for Rob (Cedric) in MTV's Harry Potter World Cup


MTV's Harry Potter World Cup has 64 of the best "Harry Potter" characters and matched them up in a series of duels for a chance at magical glory, but it's up to YOU to decide who the greatest "Potter" character of all time is in this pool of wizards and witches.

Cedric Diggory, the late Hogwarts student who competed nobly and died tragically during the Triwizard Tournament, has entered the Harry Potter World Cup. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the fact that Robert Pattinson has stepped into the arena. Next to him, fan-favorite witch Luna Lovegood has also kicked off her first round match-up in the Hogsmeade division, which wraps up on Sunday (June 27) at midnight.

(3) Cedric Diggory vs. (14) Olympe MaximeLet's not beat around the bush: if Cedric Diggory advances deep into the Hogsmeade division, is it because of his merits as a character or his alter-ego's superstar status? No doubt that his death in "Goblet of Fire" was a profoundly powerful moment that irreversibly changed the course of the "Potter" story, but is that where he'll get his support, or will voters sink their teeth into Cedric for "other reasons"? And as far as Madame Maxime is concerned, is the Beauxbatons giant tall enough to stand up against the height of the "Twilight" crowd? The outcome of this match-up could be very telling for the rest of the World Cup — with enough momentum on his side, Cedric could become the most unstoppable force in the entire tournament.

 via IzzieSpice

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2011 MTV Movie Awards! Let's Keep Voting!


Hey guys! Just a reminder: We've got 21 days left until the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. We hope you've been putting in your votes! Especially for Rob for Best Male Performance, Kristen for Best Female Performance, and Robsten for BEST KISS! You know you want to see them up there for a third time! And obviously, Rob does, too!

ALSO: If you have not been doing this, it's okay. But you must delete your history after EVERY SINGLE VOTE you put in. MTV may have said you can vote as many times as you want, but the truth is, in order for it to count, you must delete your history. It's okay if you haven't been doing this! Just start doing it now!

Thank you all for being such awesome fans. We're all in this together. Let's keep supporting Rob and Kristen for their incredible work!

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards will air LIVE on June 5, 9/8 C. The First Breaking Dawn Trailer will also premiere on the show!

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MTV: Spotted: Robert Pattinson Gives a Good Face at Berlin 'Water for Elephants' Photocall

Every day a multitude of stars wander through the halls of MTV News to talk about their latest projects and goof around with staff members. But sometimes we catch stars elsewhere, and that's why we put together Spotted!, a daily compendium of stars in the wild. 

Forget St. Thomas. The new, hot location for celeb spotting this week is Germany. Fresh off "Breaking Dawn" re-shoots, Mr. Robert Bedhead Pattinson made a stop in Berlin earlier today at the Hotel de Rome for a "Water for Elephants" photocall. Or as the German call it, "Wasser fuer die Elefanten"...uh...photocall. 


The heartthrob—clad casually in a steel-colored button-down and dark pants—mugged with co-star Christoph Waltz and director Francis Lawrence at the event, which preceded the German premiere later today. (Happening right this very minute, actually, if my time zone calculations are correct!) 

It's been a whirlwind few months for Rob—from wrapping "Breaking Dawn" and promoting "Water for Elephants" to hanging out with MTV News. A lot. The man deserves a vacation pronto! (May we recommend New York? It's lovely in the springtime. And I have a spare air mattress in my apartment, Rob!) 

Click on the image above to see more of the "Twilight" star from the Berlin photocall and to peep who else MTV Spotted!

Lol. That face...

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MTV's Countdown to "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" | #1 - Robert Pattinson Cries B.S.

Our weeklong celebration of all things Robert Pattinson has almost reached its glorious, OME-laden conclusion with the debut of "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," our 30-minute conversation with the "Twilight" star. But before the show goes live at 8:56 p.m. ET, we've got one more favorite RPattz moment to present — our favorite one of all.

Previously, we've celebrated our first interview with him and Kristen Stewart, the duo's onstage smooch at the MTV Movie Awards, Rob's first appearance at the Oscars and his love for "Twilight"-branded personal lubrication.

So what happened to nab our #1 favorite RPattz moment? Oh, just the time he uncorked a few filthy words during a live MTV News interview.

It all went down last June at the "Eclipse" premiere during our red-carpet live stream. The crowd outside the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles was squealing like mad, and we wanted to know if one rumor could possibly be true: Was Pattinson really looking forward to the moment the "Twilight" franchise would be behind him?

"That was such bullsh--. I am so pissed off!" he said.

But Rob, man, we're live!

"Oh sh--!" he cried.

That's not making it better. Oh well, those are the perils and pleasures of reporting live. And as it turned out, after Pattinson declared that he'd been misquoted about being ready to leave "Twilight" behind, he went on to give us a very thoughtful answer about the prospect of life after the vampire franchise.

"Anyone who says they're tired of this is completely crazy. If I ever said that, someone should just remind me of what I was doing before: just sitting around doing nothing," he said, adding, "I love doing the movies. I like all the people. I've had a great time on all of them. The cast is great. It's just weird. It's become so much a part of my life. It's like divorcing someone. I guess I'll see. Maybe it'll be great. I have no idea."

Don't miss "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" tonight at 8:56 p.m. ET on MTV and Tune in to see RPattz introduce a new "Water for Elephants" clip, followed by a live 30-minute interview on Tweet questions using the hashtag #askrob to get in the conversation!


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MTV goes back to the early Twi moments of RK

As you all know, this coming Friday there will be a special MTV show in which our Robert Pattinson will be live chatting with MTV and us... You must send your questions to Josh (Fans can begin submitting their pressing queries on Friday (March 11) on or via Twitter (using @MTVNews/ hashtag #AskRob), more details  here

It was early April 2008, and "Twilight" hadn't yet become a global box-office phenomenon and set off an epidemic of pop-culture copycats seeking to suck up some of the franchise's supernatural lifeblood. Back then, when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were just two up-and-coming actors making a movie for an independent studio, MTV News traveled to the film's Portland, Oregon, set to find out just what was happening with this gothic-tinged love story everyone seemed to be buzzing about.

The duo were alternately shy and unguarded, jokey and awkward, and generally far different than they are these days, with the press invading every aspect of their personal and professional lives. That's why, even years later, our first-ever "Twilight" interview remains one of our favorite RPattz moments. And as we count down the days until "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" airs next Friday at 8:56 p.m. ET, we hauled the footage from our vaults.

"Kristen's the best actress of her generation, and that's why I wanted to do this movie. I don't know why she is, but she's better than everyone else," Pattinson told us, breaking out into laughter as he kept the attention on his co-star and away from himself.

"You don't want me to talk about you?" Stewart asked, before doing just that. "I think he's really handsome."

Throughout the interview, they exchanged knowing glances, laughed at themselves and each other, and paused for long periods as they searched for the right word or anecdote. This was the "Twilight" stars, pre-media training, and it's utterly endearing. Can you imagine them now so openly discussing what it's like to smooch on camera?

"His teeth are pretty sharp," Stewart laughed. "It's great. I like it."

"Every time, I just try to kill her," Pattinson added.

"And [Bella] likes it," Stewart said. "She's a total sadomasochist, if you think about it."

MTV |via

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