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Lily Collins Mentions Kristen

 She Looks Up To Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart
“I admire how they’ve both handled the fame that came with those roles and their ability to step outside those roles and do other projects. That’s what I want to do: balance fun big movies with gritty passion projects I love.”

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Lily Collins Talks About Mirror Mirror and SWATH and Mentions Kristen

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Have you talked to Kristen Stewart about her Snow White, and is there any competition between you two?
It's funny, we've actually laughed about the fact that we're apparently rivals -- because we're so not.

So you're friends?
Yeah. She's so cool, and I'm very excited for the other film. It could not be more different. They're polar opposites. I think the advertising campaigns prove to everyone how different they are: everything from the tone to the rating to the costumes; everything. She and I, we're very, very different characters and we just have laughed about it. I'm happy for her, she's happy for me. I think there's definitely room for both.

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Lilly Collins talks about rivalry with Kristen Stewart :P

@ 2:03 she mentions Kristen and the Snow White movies.

Lily Collins and Julia Roberts face off as Snow White and the Evil Queen in the big screen fairy-tale adaptation, Mirror Mirror. We sat down with the costars at a recent press day to chat about the movie, and they shared what it was like having to act evil during filming, despite the fact that they really liked each other. Lily also opened up about her friend Kristen Stewart's own upcoming Snow White feature, Snow White and the Huntsman. See what she had to say about them being "rivals" when you watch our interview, and make sure to check out Mirror Mirror in theaters on March 30.

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Lily Collins Talks About Rivalry Between Mirror Mirror and SWATH and Mentions Kristen

Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart might be both playing the same fairytale character, but Lily says rumors of a rivalry between her project, “Mirror Mirror,” and “Snow White & The Huntsman” are simply laughable.

“It’s funny, I mean, they are so different, they couldn’t be more different,” Lily told Billy Bush at the “Mirror Mirror” junket in Los Angeles on Monday, when asked about Kristen’s upcoming fairytale movie (opening on June 1).

“Kristen and I have laughed about the fact that we’re apparently ‘rivals.’ And it’s just funny to us,” she continued. “I’m excited for her and that version is so utterly different than ours. I think that people are going to get different things out of each one.”

The 22-year-old actress said the story about the fairest in the land is worth two versions.

“There’s always two sides to a story, so it’s interesting to see two different versions,” she explained. “[Mine] is more of like a comedic adventure, [and hers is] more edgy and dark.”

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Lily Collins Reveals She Auditioned for SWATH and Talks About Kristen: "She’s perfect for her version"

Can you imagine Snow White and the Huntsman with Lily Collins? The beauty who portrays Snow White in Mirror Mirror told Access Hollywood she auditioned for Kristen Stewart‘s role!

“I did read the other Snow White script,” Collins told correspondent Elizabeth Chambers, the gorgeous wife of Lily’s co-star, Armie Hammer. “I auditioned for it, but I’ve been so excited for Kristen. I think that story is so different than ours and the girls are so different. She’s perfect for her version, and I’m really excited to be doing this one and I think they have totally different audiences.”

Judging from the two trailers, these films will not be similar.

“Our Snow White starts off as the fairytale princess we all know and love and then she progresses into a young woman and much of a fighter, but it’s not an edgy version of the story or a darker version,” says Lily. “It’s very much a comedic adventure and I think the other one is a little darker.”

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Taylor Lautner talks about The Two Snow Whites

Both of your recent female co-stars, Kristen Stewart from "The Twilight" series as well as Lily, are both playing Snow White in different movies: Kristen in "Snow White and the Huntsmen," and Lily in another Snow White adaptation. What's it like being around so many Snow Whites?

"It's kind of funny. I mean, they're both, obviously, extremely talented. And I think both of the movies will be great. I kind of have an excuse not having to choose sides because both of their movies are extremely different. Kristen's is a little darker, a little edgier, more action. And Lily's is, I don't know, I would describe it as being more in the tone of "Enchanted." There's still a lot of action. But I think both of them will be great, and, they'll both pull it off very well."

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Lily Collins on Kristen being the other Snow White...

How do you feel about the fact that there’s another Snow White project being shot right now with Kristen Stewart in the same role?

I’m very aware of the other project and I’ve read the script and I know that they’re so completely different. I am really excited for Kristen. I think she’s perfect for that vision of Snow White and I’m very excited to take on the vision that [director Tarsem Singh] has. They couldn’t be more different so it’s actually kind of exciting.

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