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2 HQ/Untagged Pictures of Kristen from Elle UK June 2012 Magazine

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Source | Via: kstewartnews

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Make up artist, Jillian Dempsey tells us how to get Kristen's ELLE beauty look

Want to know how to recreate Kristen Stewart ’s make-up look from the cover of ELLE’s June issue???

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‘We were going for a lady-like look, rather than an edgy Kristen Stewart' Jillian told, ‘the result was a more refined, clean make-up look’.

Jillian, Avon’s Global Creative Colour Director, started by applying Ideal Flawless Foundation in Ivory, £16, with a sponge to smooth her already porcelain skin. She then concealed where necessary with Ideal Flawless Concealer Stick, £7.

‘Next, I dotted black liquid liner in between Kristen’s upper lashes to fill in the tiny spaces and to give the appearance of fuller lashes’ explained Jillian. ‘Then I applied Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Kohl Eyeliner, £6.50, just above her upper lash line and used the smudger tip to blend a softer line under her lower lashes for a sultry look’.

Bold brows are big news this season so Jillian gave Kristen a structured brow with Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Dark Brown, £6, then she applied multiple layers of a rich, stone grey eyeshadow onto her eyelids using Supershock Eyeshadow Pencil in Moonshine and Starry Night, £7.

On the lips Jillian used Shine Attract Lipstick in Rose Bouquet Rose, £8.50 for a sophisticated look, topped with a little Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss in Iced Pink, £6.

‘I always like to finish with highlighting and contouring’ Jillian told us, ‘so I accented her cupid’s bow and cheekbones with a light iridescent powder (Illuminating Face Pearls, £9) and then defined her cheeks with True Colour Blush in Russet, £6.

And there you have it, the secrets to Kristen’s cover star look. All the products used are by Avon, click here to visit the website .

ELLEUK via KstewAngel

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Kristen Elle UK subscribers edition magazine cover + article shots.

We posted the main cover for the ELLE UK June Cover here. This cover is the subscriber's edition of the magazine. Which one do you like best??

HQ Scans

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Kristen Stewart is not sullen. Nor, for the duration of our interview, is she withdrawn, reluctant to speak or wearing a pained expression. No nerves seem to be affecting her, making her appear on edge or keyed up. She is not hiding behind her hair nor looking longingly towards the exit. In short, Kristen Stewart is nothing like I had been led to believe.

that Kristen is at all surprising, is , well, surprising. This is a 22-year-old woman whose every hairstyle, musical preference and favored brand of trainers is pored over, disclosed and dissected by millions. If she mentions an album she's listening to, iTunes will see a surge in downloads. When we tweeted from the cover shoot in Los Angeles, the hashtag #KristenELLE became the number-one worldwide trending topic. The intimate details of her likes, loathes and movements are considered public property and shared accordingly. All of which means that when it comes to Kristen, you could be forgiven for thinking we know everything there is to know. But has she been holding out on us?

Some things are as you'd expect. Today she is dressed exactly like every 'off-duty Kristen' paparazzi image you've ever seen: vest, hoodie, blue jeans and bright yellow plimsolls (the pair she wore as Allison, or Mallory, in (Welcome to the Rileys). And physically she is instantly recognisable from her on-screen persona: not skin-and-bones thin, but so petite that the high-backed chair appears to dwarf her 5ft 6in frame; long, shampoo-advert-worthy hair raked casually to one side; she's very pale, and freckled; it's all set off by eyes so clear and assessing I have to shake the idea that I'm the one up for inspection.

During the day she hangs back a little from the hoopla of photographers and assistants, but she's at ease as she goes through the rail of clothes ELLE has brought, enthusing over the Miu Miusatin cropped top and skirt on our subscriber's cover.

She is described as fiercely private with tedious regularity, mostly because she doesn't much want to - alrightwon't - talk about Robert Pattinson, who is probably her boyfriend but who knows for sure, because - remember? - she doesn't like talking about it. She's been explicit about her reasons for not discussing it, saying, 'I'm selfish. 'I'm like, "That's mine!"' But she has also said, 'Come on, guys, it's so obvious. And, between the public displays of almost-affection at premieres and the grainy camera-phone shots of the pair out and about together, looking scruffy and beautiful and young, it kind of is.

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Kristen's ELLE UK magazine cover will be revealed tomorrow!!

Be ready loves, ElleUK's twitter just announced Kristen's cover will be reavealed tomorrow at their site, so stay tuned.


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Glimpse of Kristen for the Elle UK June cover

An unusually tidy editor’s desk. This is a proof of the June cover star interview. At least four people read a proof before our sub-editors send it to the printer.-- Read the full post from Elle UK re fashion planning here

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According to CourtJustice-

 Judging by @ELLEUK's Kristen Stewart sneak peek -- she's in the Miu Miu SS12 blue two piece look. Possibly for the cover.
It's the same outfit Dakota Fanning wore to the Cosmo Fun Fearless Awards. -- Pic via ADarkParadise

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Live Coverage Through Twitter of Kristen's Photoshoot Boosts Elle's Magazine's Subscriptions

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Everything from the coverage that day can be found HERE.

The magazine publisher said the shoot, which featured Kristen Stewart, was the world’s number one trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday 13 March while it was taking place in Los Angeles.

Elle magazine subscriptions are reported to have doubled as readers signed up for Kristen Stewart’s special subscriber’s issue while momentum continues to build amongst followers for the big reveal of the eventual issue which will go on sale in May.

The publisher also claims that the initiative generated so much excitement that its website, attracted its highest site traffic figures for more than two years, surpassing even traffic visits for’s Royal Wedding coverage, with a 231% increase in global unique users, and a 218% page views percentage increase of traffic from Twitter and Facebook.

Although never actually releasing final cover images of the shoot, Tweets showing the location, the clothes rail and accessories were said to have been enough to stir excitement among readers.

As highlighted in a recent Fipp report, this live, digital stream of a cover shoot is another example of the innovative ways that magazine publishers are using digital to boost the sales of print magazines.

Lorraine Candy, editor-in-chief of Elle, said: “Elle is known for being a ground breaking and pioneering brand which is why we chose to break with magazine tradition and disclose our cover star two months in advance of publication.

“This unique idea is testament to our integrated approach across Elle, and Twitter and one of the many new ideas we are working on as a team. We have pushed the boundaries to reap excellent rewards and will continue to do so as the brand evolves this year.”

The June issue will be out May 2nd. To also receive the special subscribers cover, you must subscribe by April 18th .

UK residents can subscribe HERE
US and other residents can subscribe HERE

Source | Via: kstewartnews

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Updates on Kristen's ElleUK photoshoot for the June issue going on now!!!

Today is Kristen's photo shoot for the June issue of Elle UK magazine. ElleUK is going to be tweeting live from the photo shoot and maybe..... a big MAYBE.... we'll get pics of the shoot and a tweet from Kristen Stewart herself??? *crossing fingers.....  Keep refreshing this page 'cause you know how we do :)

Tweets from courtjustice

Judging by the previously tweeted teaser photo, these are some of Kristen's SS12 options. #KristenELLE

  • Looks like Kristen has some Proenza, Miu Miu and Valentino options. #KristenELLE
  • Looks like a spring pastel palette, so I'm interested to see how this is all going to turn out. #KristenELLE
Tweets from amybannerman {Senior Fashion Assistant at ELLE. }
  • At the scientology centre in la. Yikes
Updates from JenniferElleUK
  • Haven't abandoned you, am Tweeting over at @elleuk for the duration of the shoot. Basically, she's really beautiful.
  • Morning all, sun is rising here in LA. if you're after updates from today's cover shoot, I'll be Tweeting from @ELLEUK later
And what do you know is a world wide trending topic. Join in the conversation :")

Live Tweet Updates from ELLEUK:
  • The sky's getting lighter in LA, which can only mean one thing: the cover shoot's starting in just a few hours! #KristenELLE
  • Uh oh, looking a little misty in LA - and we're shooting outside! Only 8.23am though, time for the light to improve. #KristenELLE
  • Crew beginning to arrive at #KristenELLE shoot. Which label would you like to see her in for June issue?
  • Lots of love for @proenzaschouler and @balenciaga labels for #KristenELLE to wear
  • She did look fabulous in @balenciaga at Paris fashion week #KristenELLE Look ye here
  • So many tweets about #KristenELLE in @eliesaabworld. Which look from this collection would work best?
  • Today we shoot our 2nd cover with Kristen Stewart, here's a video interview with Kristen from her 1st cover #KristenELLE...
  • K for Kristen. This pendant is laid out at the #KristenELLE shoot.
  • Or would you prefer to see this little number on her? #KristenELLE
  • Right, we are go. Rail run through with @amcelle hair artist, photographer, shoot director. #KristenELLE
  • We're selecting our preferred outfit cover options - the prettiest rail I've seen in a long time #KristenELLE
  • These are so Kristen. Can't you picture her in them? #KristenELLE
  • Make-up artist Gillian Dempsey is here and we're talking lips, eyes, beautiful skin... #KristenELLE
  • Shoes glorious shoes on the #KristenELLE shoot
  • Here's Art Director Tom Meredith standing in for Kristen. Work it! #KristenELLE
  • In hair and make-up now. Next step, fittings. #KristenELLE
  • A selection of sunglasses on the Kristen Stewart June 2012 cover shoot...
  • How many crew hands does it take to set up a #KristenELLE shoot?
  • What a beautifully pretty clothes rail for #KristenELLE
  • Can you identify the designer labels on this rail? #KristenELLE
  • We're not finished yet, just eating lunch - stars need food too! #KristenELLE
  • We've done two gorgeous set ups so far, Kristen's face can pretty much do no wrong. #jealousmuch,yep
  • Shoot lunch: Tuna nicose or chicken. Well, you did ask. #KristenELLE
  • On the 3rd outfit at #KristenELLE shoot. Kristen gone for hair & make-up and we're admiring the view
  • On outfit 4. It's still sunny but there's a chill in the garden, so Kristen's covering up in a zip-up hoodie between shots #KristenELLE
  • Kristen's got goosebumps (LA chills) which means it's nearly time to finish shooting...
  • Squeezing in a final shot, Christopher Kane #KristenELLE
  • Shoot's a wrap! Second experience of shooting with Kristen even better than the first. The girl's got class. #KristenELLE

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Tons of Kristen Elle UK HQ Outtakes + Zip file

Click here to download all of the pictures. Over 400 of them:) Thanks Kstewartfans

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New KStew quotes from UK ELLE

So, a while a go we (ok, it was just me) interviewed Kristen Stewart for this month's issue of UK ELLE
As you've prolly worked out by now, right here in the P.i.X Bunker we are purreettty big fans of Joan Jett, and you might know by now that K-Stew is playing JJ in the new biopic The Runaways. Exciting timez my friends, right? Anyway, so we were driving round LA with K-Stew, and you know, got to talking about music n' stuff, and I thought I'd post some of it up right here

How much did you know about Joan before you played her? Were you a fan of her music?
I was a fan of her music, like, in LA you grow up listening to the radio, it's so great. There used to be a really great radio station that would play what you actually listen to - so I knew who Joan Jett was but I didn't really know who The Runaways were. They were kind of forgotten, no one my age knows who they were but they do now!

She's pretty cool though, right?
She's so sweet. Detail wise it was really nerve wracking to get her. She's a really dynamic person, and she has so many fans and people that know her distinctly.

Was it hard to "get her"?
Musically she has the weirdest voice, she has the coolest voice. I luckily played guitar but I had to learn her stuff and her style.
She's a leftie but plays right handed, right?
Yeah, she's left handed but luckily plays regular. There's one scene when she's signing her contract and I had to do it with my left hand.

What stuff are you listening to right now?
i'm listening to Camera Obscura at the moment. My favourite band is Interpol, and i'm listening to Broken Bells a lot too. they are the new band from the lead singer of The Shins. I listen to a lot of music in the car or in airports, I'm always going somewhere so I get the chance to listen to a lot of music on my ipod. I'm kind of into The Smiths too. I've never really been a fan of theirs but I am getting into it now. I still dance around my room pretending i'm Morrissey, which is funny, it's so emo. My favourite Smiths song is Vicar In A Tutu....I listen to stuff over and over until I know it really well, but this song's hard, I had to look up the lyrics.

Source Via KstewartFans

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