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WTTR director Jake Scott talks about the movie and about casting Kristen :)

From HeyUGuys

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Jake Scott about his film, Welcome To The Rileys, which is released on DVD on Monday the 27th of February.

As well as talking about the unfair criticism Kristen Stewart gets, alternate endings and method acting, he spoke about the research that went into the film and what he’s working on next.

Please note – this interview contains spoilers.

HeyUGuys: It’s obviously a very character-driven film and at times I felt that it was remarkably natural, as if any sense of a set script had been stripped away. Were Gandolfini and Stewart actually given free reign in regards to improvisation?

Jake Scott: First of all, thank you for saying that. It’s a massive compliment, actually. It’s so interesting to me how the British have responded to this film compared to the American critics. It’s weird. It’s like they just seem to get it more. I found with American critics there almost wasn’t enough emotional guidance or something, you know? It’s interesting. Yeah, with actors like that you find because they’re already really committed to the work that it makes the director’s life fairly easy. I really learnt on this film that you get your casting right, you don’t have to work that hard. You have the room to explore and investigate various ways and different dimensions of the character and the relationship. I mean, James is a method actor and Kristen’s not really formally trained, but the relationship they had in the film is very much the relationship they had off set. He really was her caretaker and he really guided her and when we’d come in in the morning onto set, you know, it was such a small film and there was nothing really to set up other than the scene with the actors. We would do like forty-five minutes of rehearsal on set to see how we could make it better and as a result there was a lot of improvisation. The first scene was the most improvised – Kristen improvises everything. She can be quite frustrating for a writer because she kind of just makes her own words up. She takes what’s written on the page and then just makes her own sense of it. She wouldn’t warn you she was doing that, she would just change the words. She’s very comfortable with improvisation, but the scene when he first goes to her place, the house, was almost completely improvised. When she rolls the joint, it was guided by the script, but I just let them go, it was great.

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Jake Scott Talks About WTTR and Kristen in an Interview with The Scotsman

Restrained where Plunkett was flashy and kinetic, heartfelt where Plunkett was hollow, and character-driven where Plunkett was all about the plot, the film stars James Gandolfini as a grief-stricken husband whose listless marriage to Melissa Leo’s melancholy agoraphobe is saved by a young stripper (Kristen Stewart) he meets in New Orleans.

Stewart – who had yet to achieve global stardom in Twilight when Scott was advised during a drunken night out in San Francisco to check her out by Sean Penn, who had just directed her in Into the Wild – is the film’s biggest revelation.

“I met her the next day and she’s very twitchy,” laughs Scott. “But I knew immediately that she was the girl.” Her performance will shock and delight Twihards: slutty, fragile, bruised, foul-mouthed and real, her character, Mallory, could hardly be less Bella-like.

On set, Scott had three different acting styles to contend with. While the Method actor Gandolfini – “I adore him,” says the filmmaker. “He’s f***ed up. He hates himself, I think, as an actor. But he is amazing” – was very script-oriented, the more instinctive Stewart “wouldn’t follow her lines, ever. You’d have to say, ‘Kristen, the scene’s about this. Not about that.’” Meanwhile, Leo was “like a fine character actress who brings so much experience and so much knowledge and grace and kindness.”

Scott laughs. “So Jim would be punching walls. Melissa would be, ‘Oh, don’t worry about Jim.’ And Kristen would be, like, twitching in the corner. It was a madhouse.”

Source | Thanks to @KstewAngel

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WTTR Director Jake Scott Mentions Kristen in a New Interview


WCP: All three of the main actors in the film—James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo, and Kristen Stewart—all play very different characters from what they are traditionally cast as. What role did you play as a director in shaping their characters? 
JS: First of all, remember that they’re very good actors. And in many ways, eager to do something new. Kristen, at the time, had only done the first Twilight film and no one had seen it yet when she came down to New Orleans to work on this new film. She was still relatively new to playing Bella Swan. But you know, Kristen’s a young, very hardworking actress who’s trying to experiment and try new things
And James was eager to get past his 10 years of Tony Soprano and shed that skin by playing someone completely unlike anyone he had played before. Same goes for Melissa. In terms of the experience, we were all venturing into an unknown territory. 
That really helps, because you get fresh ideas, bolder performances. 
For Jake's full interview where he talks about what attracted him to WTTR and why he chose to set the film in New Orleans visit washingtoncitypaper!

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'Welcome to the Rileys' DVD & Blu-Ray is Now Available For Pre-Order on Amazon!


'Welcome to the Rileys' DVD Product info 

Actors: James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo 

Directors: Jake Scott 

Format: NTSC 

Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.) Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films 

Run Time: 110 minutes Pre-order your copy of the DVD ($20.49) or Blu-Ray ($24.49) Now!

Via: Robstenation

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New Interview: Jake Scott Talks About Kristen and Mentions the Strip Club Visit

Q: The film captures some very raw performances can you talk about the casting for the film and in particular casting Melissa Leo? She has such a powerful but understated performance that as a mother is so easy to relate to

Jake: Ya I mean she is mother, she as a son who is twenty three and I am a father of four....

Q: You beat me I have three.
Jake:You have three, there you go, you know what it is like… and Jim’s a dad, actually Kristen lives in a somewhat funny, extended family…there are other kids too, so we all came to it with the knowledge of our own lives. It is raw, but I like to say it is authentic. I strived to be as authentic as I could be to these characters, without resorting to what I see a lot… where it all gets a bit melodramatic, or gets a little bit heavy all time and you get these sort of endless scenes of these people weeping and shouting... That is a problem for me. That was a danger. That you would end up, in a self conscious gritty realism as well… you know what I mean.

Q: A fine line to walk on?
Jake:Ya, you really have to walk this fine line and authentically portray these characters and that begins and ends with casting really...the casting is really important…I had battles with casting, because there is always this pressure to cast a name and would you believe it James, Melissa and Kristen, at that time, were not names... and you’re going what the fuck are you talking about? Not a name? …There is this currency that I encountered, this whole sort of price tag on an actors head a dollar sign over their head of what they mean and what they don’t mean and I get it is economics… so I was just determine and I absolutely refused to cast someone that I did not think was right., who was gonna get the film made. I wouldn’t do it… There were times when you think, well just fuck if I just cast that person it would all get made, but I couldn’t do it. It would be disaster if I did that, so I just stuck to my guns… I am really glad I did because for me, the most the important thing, is the performances.

Q: Well I am really glad that you did because all three are just amazing performances.
Jake:Thank you, that is great to hear.

Q: I read that you and Kristen took a kind of field trip to some LA strip clubs for her performance and Melissa Leo has said that Kristen got so into character that when they met before filming she did not recognize her.
Jake:Melissa said that really? I think I remember hearing that. The strip club thing in LA… I thought it would be a good idea, to go with her and see how she responded and give her a sense of what it was, so that she could start to, you know get it. Kind of get out of the intellectual, the preconceived notion of what it is and actually see it for real…because movies I think..most of the time, portray that world wrongly. They do it badly or they glamorize it…A lot of those girls are really damaged, to be doing that in LA it is one thing, on sunset strip…but when you go to New Orleans, in these back street places, that get very, very dark, very quickly… I thought to take her to the one in LA…I kind of wanted to see how he does… it was like water off of a ducks back, she was really interested actually and I actually had this girl, not because I asked for it, but this girl actually came over where we were sitting and started dancing all over me. Kristen was giggling and I was so embarrassed, it is like shit man, I don’t know that my actors should see me doing this… it was a nice way for us to kind of, to sort of bond this way as well.

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