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The "American Ultra" stars think hands are like, so weird.

Man, aren’t hands, like…weird? We think so. The stars of “American Ultra,” Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg sure think so, too. We called the duo in to be the guests on our Stoner Talk Show (regular host Woody Harrelson was unavailable, so MTV News’ Josh Horowitz and his Unicorns On Fleek shirt graciously agreed to step in), and had a free-form conversation with them. Does Stewart think “Twilight” is a good movie to watch while high? Is celebrating 4/20 outdated or cool in a nostalgic sort of way? Are unicorns really on fleek? And again: fingers. SO WEIRD, RIGHT?

Check out the video for answers to all of life’s questions, both great and small.

“American Ultra” hits theaters August 21.

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Source | Cherokee Girl and Josh Horowitz

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