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Maps to the Stars French Release Date Revealed

Le Pacte is the French distributor for MTTS

@le_pacte: Maps To The Stars from David Cronenberg released on May 21! MTTS # # # DavidCronenberg JulianneMoore RobertPattinson # # # MiaWasikowska JohnCusack

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Photographer Nan Goldin Talks About Rob

I loved taking pictures of women like Kate Moss naked on a horse, or Tilda Swinton, covered with hide. In front of them, I am in "caress" mode. I also enjoyed photographing Robert Pattinson for Dior, in a harsh light. He looks like a portrait of the painter Paul Cadmus exposed at the Brooklyn Museum in New York ... Same brown hair, same blue eyes ... Nothing about him rhymes with "pretty".

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Drake Doremus Talks About 'Equals' and Mentions Kristen

When I talked to you at Sundance last year, you mentioned that “Like Crazy” was about the past, “Breathe In” was about the present, and your next project—which I assume you are way farther along on by now—would be about the future, a sci-fI piece.
It’s more futuristic; it’s not really sci-fi. Maybe it was at the time, but it’s sort of changed a little bit. As I said, it’s fun to try something totally different. And for me, this is an exciting and kind of scary departure. So I’m excited to be working from a script, written by Nathan Parker—I kind of had a loose idea for it, and I brought it to him, and we started collaborating on it, and he wrote the movie.

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New Pictures of Kristen Out in NYC March 19, 2014

Full Gallery HERE


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It's Our 4th Anniversary!

Hello everyone. Robsten Dreams turns 4 this year and we couldn't be prouder of it. It's been a long but one hell of a ride. We all love Rob and Kristen and supporting them is the easiest thing to do. But running a blog always isn't. Sometimes real life gets in the way or sometimes fandom itself gets to be too much. But during all that you, our readers, have always supported us and trust me, we couldn't be more grateful to you guys. 4 years is a long time but we hope that you continue to support us for an even longer time. Thanks for every visit on the blog, every share, every RT, every comment and what not. Just thank you!

Things might not always be easy but just remember, sometimes the best things aren't but they are definitely worth it. Rob and Kristen, in our opinion, are two of the most amazing human beings and we absolutely adore them. We will always love and support them. They have been working on great projects recently and we are so excited for what they do next. The way they are working, we're gonna have a very busy time with all the promos and we cannot wait for it all.

When I joined the blog, I didn't really know what I was getting into but I think that was one of the best decisions I made. Alma, I will always be thankful to you for letting me be a part of this amazing family. Karen, thank you for this amazing banner which I totally love and for all you do. Casey, I miss your pics/vids of the day but you're still awesome. And Ruby you have always been a great support. ~Ingi

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New Fan Picture of Kristen at Hoboken March 15, 2014

Yes this happened #kstew #bin14 #twilight #bella #myfavoritesaga #love


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New/Old Picture of Kristen on the Set of Camp X-Ray

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New Pictures + Fan Pictures and Videos of Rob on the Set of 'Life' in Toronto March 15, 2014

Full Gallery HERE

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Nicolas Ghesquière Mentions Kristen in an Interview

Questioner: Kristen Stewart just said, you like swimming in rough waters, but Louis Vuitton seems more like a luxurious ocean..

NG: (laughs) Oh LV is an ocean! A beautiful ocean. I like Kristen so much, she is very special and so brave.We share the same attitude,we like taking risks and doing nice stuff at the same time.

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New Fan Picture of Rob in Toronto March 14, 2014

Met Robert Pattinson last night on set and he personalized an autograph and took a photo with me! #Lifemovie

image host image host

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