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The Rover Facebook Page Posts Picture of Rob as 'Rey'

From The Rover Facebook Page:

Good and Evil burn under the same sun.

Looks like a screencap from the teaser trailer. Watch it HERE


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New Kristen Interview with Byrdie

Kristen Stewart will be the first to tell you she leads a double life. Since wrapping the last installment of the blockbuster Twilight saga, she’s sunk her teeth into gritty, not-at-all glamorous roles in On The Road and the Sundance hit Camp X-Ray, where she plays a small-town soldier assigned to Guantanamo Bay. All the while landing a Chanel campaign and working as the face of Balenciaga’s fragrances.

“It’s cool that I have this dual life,” she told us. “I’m very simplistic with my makeup in real life, so on the red carpet I like to push it in the other direction. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it all the way.” Stewart keeps her must-have lipsticks, eye makeup, and brow pencil handy, but it’s super-hydrating skin products that take up the prime real estate in her makeup bag. “I have to moisturize my skin a lot, you can’t go without makeup if your skin looks haggard and crack-y,” she says. “I always think of that scene in Zoolander when he [Ben Stiller] says “moisture is the essence of beauty,” but it’s so true.”

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Former Top Chef Contestant Tiffany Derry Mentions Kristen

What's the craziest experience been post-show?

Just last week I met Kristen Stewart from Twilight while cooking at Sundance with Brooke Williamson. Her exact words were, 'I f---ing love Top Chef!' She was so excited.

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More of Kristen's Interview with MTV from Sundance

Just one question - Would you rather go naked or wear swag

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'The Rover' Teaser Trailer + New Movie Poster

You can download the teaser trailer HERE (Thanks to Gossipgyal)

New Poster

THE ROVER is set in a world ten years following the collapse of the western economic system, where Australia’s mineral resources have drawn the desperados and dangerous to its shores. With society in decline, the rule of law has disintegrated and life is cheap. The film follows hardened loner Eric (Pearce), who travels the desolate towns and roads of the Australian outback. When a gang of thieves steals his car they leave behind the wounded Rey (Pattinson) in their wake. Forcing Rey to help track the gang, Eric will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that matters to him.

RPLife has over 250 HQ Screencaps from the trailer

Still/Poster | Via 

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Kristen Confirmed for 'Still Alice'

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin, Kate Bosworth also on board in-demand drama for which Memento has secured several major deals with key territories.

Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin and Kate Bosworth are now confirmed alongside Julianne Moore in Memento Films International’s hot -selling drama Still Alice.

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New Kristen Interview with Vogue Germany

Note: It was translated by Google Translate.

New York in January 2014. Kristen Stewart - in jeans, tank top and Balenciaga blazer - will be officially unveiled as the face of the new Balenciaga fragrance "Rosabotanica". In an interview with Vogue, she talks about daring rose fragrances, filming in Germany and her penchant for eyeliner

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New Kristen Interview with NY Magazine

"Kristen, you have a little something in your hair," one of Kristen Stewart's people says during our interview in her hotel room, flicking a little piece of fuzz out of her side-parted hair. She turns back to me, mock-yelling. "Thanks a lot! You weren't going to tell me it was there?" Stewart is nonchalant about the fuzz because 1. Her hair looks glossy and good anyway; and 2. She doesn't spend much time thinking about beauty. Throughout our interview about her beauty routine and her repeat involvement with Balenciaga as the face of its new fragrance, Rosabotanica, Stewart has to resist the urge to air-quote the word beauty. The Cut talked to Stewart about her preference for puffy faces, gardenias, and hatred for hotel shampoo.

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New Kristen Interview with Marie Claire UK

Kristen Stewart is a red carpet natural, gracing the press pens with such elegance and ease – but the star admits that she hasn't always been so comfortable with her style choices. While talking to the A-list actress in New York last week, we grilled her on style, beauty, and whether she has any wardrobe regrets (surely not) as she prepares to launch her latest partnership with Balenciaga, Rosabotanica.

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New Kristen Interview with NSMBL

NSMBL got the chance to talk to Kristen Stewart about her newest collaboration and her personal favourites, something that was hard to refuse of course! We were allowed to ask the beautiful actress, who just became the face of the new scent ‘Rosabotanica’ by Balenciaga, all kinds of questions. Kristen has started to like the fashion industry more and finds it more interesting, and she is very proud of her new campaign. Curious to see how the production happened behind the scenes, which products Kristen likes to use and how she feels about constantly being in the spotlight? You’ll see and read it here.

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New Fan Pictures of Rob in Marrakech, Morocco

image host image host image host


image host

1/2/Via | 3/Via | 4/Via/Via

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Peter Sattler Talks About Kristen

Last spring filmmaker Peter Sattler drove to Kristen Stewart's Los Angeles home with a box of books and documentaries about Guantanamo Bay. A few days earlier she'd agreed to star as a U.S. soldier in "Camp X-Ray," named for a real War on Terror encampment, and Sattler wanted to share some of his research.

"I handed Kristen the box and she picked through it and said, 'I already have all these and, actually, I have some for you to look at,' " Sattler recalls. "From the very beginning, Kristen was really into this character. She had not made a movie in two years and, when I talked to her about that, Kristen said she needed to do something that matters, something that demands she make it."


Sattler shot "Camp X-Ray" in 21 days over the summer at an abandoned facility for delinquent boys in Whittier (Los Angeles County). Besides bearing considerable resemblance to the actual prison compound in Cuba, the location offered an additional benefit, Sattler explains.

"It's on 70 acres and all fenced off, so it was great for Kristen. She could walk around and focus on the work without having to worry about some paparazzi guy with a telephoto lens trying to take her picture."

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New Footage of Kristen from Sundance After Party

OTRC Interview previously posted HERE with new footage

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New BTS Picture of Kristen from Camp X-Ray

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Portraits of Kristen from Sundance now in HQ

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The Rover Teaser Trailer to be released Jan 30th

According to A24 Films, the trailer will be released online before the 30th and will be a minute long.

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More New Quotes of Kristen from Rosabotanica Press Conference

The entire interview is not new but there are new quotes in it.

Sitting down with Kristen Stewart, I knew I wasn’t in for an interview with your typical, perky perfume spokeswoman who wants to pose for selfies and gab about her go-to mascara (although I asked). She was surprisingly real—wearing a black Balenciaga leather jacket, no nail polish, and her signature mussed-up waves. She was also very candid about the fact that what you see on the red carpet is the product of a talented team—she wakes up with “raccoon eyes” just like the rest of us. And if you’re wondering: She smiled and laughed. Here, Stewart reveals her thoughts on the new Rosabotanica fragrance from Balenciaga (for which she is the face) and the two things you’ll never see her wear.

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Camp X-Ray Promo Round Up

We have compiled all of the Camp X-Ray Promo photos, videos, and interviews.

Sundance Film Festival

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New Picture of Kristen in NYC January 24, 2014

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New Kristen Interview with Popsugar Beauty and Pictures from Rosabotanica Photoshoot + Old Picture now Non Scan

image host image host image host

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New Kristen Interview + Photoshoot for Into The Gloss

image host image host image host image host image host

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Brady Corbet, Director of 'The Childhood of a Leader', Talks About Rob and the Movie

Mention starts around 9:35 - "I have known Rob for years and I have been a big fan of Rob's and really like the decisions he's made."
He also mentions working with Juliette Binoche on Sils Maria.

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2 NEW Kristen Vids~'Midnight City' & 'Wake Me Up.." fro @KStewRobLuvr

Midnight City~Sundance 2014

Video from MiSaDalinda4ever 

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