Peter Sattler talks about Kristen at the 'Camp X-Ray' Q&A + Tweets + October Release Date

Full Video of the Q & A

Youtube video thanks @Korita05

• Peter Sattler talking about using Muslim Public Affairs to make sure the film showed BOTH sides of the story.
• Audience reaction to #CampXRay was sooooo much better than the screenings I went to at Sundance! Lots of laughter (at the right times)! :D
• Gina Kwon talking about how she got started on #CampXray ... She read the script and LOVED it!
• It was really helpful that the set was in LA, especially for Kristen (being the A-lister she is) and a low-budget
• Gina suggested for the cast to have a night of go-carting to get acquainted with each other.
• The party/boat scene was total improv
• SPOILER ALERT: The failed hookup scene btw Kristen & Lane was challenging in terms of keeping the balance.
• Apparently there are a lot of deleted scenes of Kristen and Lane.
• Kristen was PERFECT for Cole's internal struggles. "It HAS to be Kristen! She's perfect!"
• Apparently THE TWILIGHT SAGA is super popular at Guantanamo Bay .. They had copies laying around the office as a joke!
• There was an early draft of a scene with Lane where he talks to Cole about seeing Breaking Dawn
• Real life soldiers stopped Peter after seeing the film at Sundance & they were moved by how accurate this portrayal was.
• Peter wanted to end with hope.
• 'The world's biggest star just signed on' - Peter Sattler .. Awwwwwwwww he's a fanboy!
• Best thing you can do to get a film made? Have a star in it!
• There's a weird Hollywood circle when it comes to funding.
• Kristen starves for really great roles.
October #CampXray will be released!!!!
• For those of you wondering, the #CampXRay that was shown this evening was the same cut I saw three times at Sundance :)
• Camp X Ray was pretty great.
• SPOILER ALERT: The Harry potter scene was hilarious.
• Peter Sattler mentioned how Kristen would worry about minor things like how to hold her hat so they'd call their army consultant for her
• He originally wrote a scene where one of the characters mentioned a Twilight film and then decided to remove it.
• Kristen told him she decided to join the cast because she felt she understood the character and liked that it had a message.
• Also his dream cast was having Kristen after seeing her in The Runaways.
They're looking into an October release date.
• You can literally see every tiny bit of freckle on Kristen's face on this movie.. So pretty :)
• Peter knows Kristen from the Undertow. He was the set dresser

YouTube via viaIt'sOktobeYou.Org

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