Cherie Currie carves/designs 'Dragon Bench' for Kristen

Cherie Currie is from the band, The Runaways. Kristen and Dakota played Joan Jett and Cherie in the movie.

Cherie: "This is a bench I finished friday (6/20/14) from a fossilized (hard as cement) olive root that was uncovered on Kristen's hillside home. I have never carved wood as hard as this. We met many problems with dirt, rocks (which kills a sharp chain) roots that told me what I could and could not do and the heat was a challenge (100+ some days). No better way to get back in the game then to do something so difficult. To find a Dragon in this root and make it a functional lounge bench is something I am so proud of... and it's comfortable too! Coating it next week and the finish will be stunning! ;-)"

(Pics below)

The killer raw root I started with. It's as hard as it looks.

Do you see a dragon in there?

Chipping away on the seat. The angles were a challenge in making this happen. Wish they made left handed saws!

Rough carving of the head. I had rot and holes that I worked around. The wood really ran this show.

Pulling the wing down.

Getting there. Sanded the seat where I could read a script there if I had the notion.

Carving the front foot, left leg, right wing and tail while incorporating the left wing foot rest.

Detailing the feet and burning the wood around the carving so it will stand out.

Added a right rear foot and leg from a branch jetting from the root.

Happy with the result so time to pressure wash so we can seal it.

Right wing (back of the bench)

Power washed. Now it just needs to dry completely so we can add an oil based finish that will bring out all the beauty of the wood.

Have a seat and stretch out. The upper right wing is the headrest while the left wing is the leg rest.

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