New Fan Picture of Kristen on the Set of 'American Ultra' April 24, 2014

Again, not very clear but you can spot Kristen!

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From GeauxTwilah:

  • They're about to blow up stuff!
  • Watching her right now! :) RT @cheekabebe: @GeauxTwilah is K & her hair around tonight?
  • NO paps ANYWHERE, y'all! Well, at least none that I can see.... or hear. And the crowd's thinning... Yay!
  • She's perfectly performing her scenes! Love that girl SFM!
  • She's yelling the same thing over and over again... not gonna say what, though.
  • LOUD and clear! RT @MsKr2: @GeauxTwilah YOU CAN HEAR HER?????
  • I'm seriously about to cry right now. Watching her... Hearing her... In her element. Guess this is what being a true fangirl is all about.
  • Yup!We're right across the street&they make everyone be quiet when rolling.RT @journeyfanfic:@GeauxTwilah Could u really see and hear a lot?
  • She's not speaking. She's yelling. ;) RT @cocoapurl: @GeauxTwilah :) Is she speaking with an accent?
  • lol not hearing J RT @cocoapurl: @GeauxTwilah lol You are so lucky. :) Does Jesse have an accent?

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