New Fan Pictures + Sightings of Kristen at Sage + The Saints Show in Nashville February 18, 2014

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jessicalynnstagram: Day 261 (part II): stumbled into being part of a random music video shoot, directed by Kristin Stewart. Nashville is a weird place.

AllOrNothingKR: Went well! She was really into it. You could tell she was passionate about it. She was always behind the camera.

AllOrNothingKR: her friends acted as shields when necessary, but it was pretty low key. Only 1-2 people bothered her while working

AllOrNothingKR: When they wanted to get her attention, they called her Kristen Jaymes and sometimes just Jaymes.

@CAR_SICkk: Got to be in a music video, met Matt Thiessen from Relient K, and came within 1 foot of Kristen Stewart. Pretty good night.

@blackwolf812: Literally 20 ft away from Kristin Stewart right now. nbd

@CloPost: At a random free show in Nashville with only like 50 people and Kristen Stewart is randomly here.. Only in Nashville

@Trevor_Lawless: Waiting to see @matthewthiessen and Kristen Stewart literally is standing right next to us. Nashville is a cool town.

@drewschueler: We're at this small free show and Kristen Stewart is here... Classic Nashville

@drewschueler: Along with seeing Kristen Stewart we also were in a music video and met Matt and So pretty cool.

Kaston Guffey: I asked Kristen Stewart to pour me a drink tonight...she did not take to kindly to that. Kidding, she was ridiculously nice about it. Also, Tumbleweed Company was great tonight, as was Anthony Adams & The Nite Owls and Sage Galesi! Hope the music video turns out perfect!

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