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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 HQ BTS Screencaps

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New Pictures of Kristen in Hollywood February 26, 2013

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Rob Pic of the Day

That hair in full effect. And a little stubble to complete the sexy look.

London Fan Event Nov 2009

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Legs that go on for miles. And what is Jay doing, or looking at?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno March 2010

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Robsten Pic of the Day

The look in her eyes and touching his face. LOVE!! Seems he loves it too!

Harper Bazaar Nov 2009

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'You Can Find Love'

When they found each other, they found love.
Video from Robsten974account

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Kristen at The Oscars - Part 2

More pictures from the event. Check out more pictures and videos on our master post, here.

Zip include all pics from this post and also our master post: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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New Fan Pictures of Rob in Australia Feb 25, 2013

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@ellisnun: This is a friend of my in Leigh Creek SA. The photo was taken last night at the Leigh Creek taven

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Rob Pic of the Day

Short hair, long hair. The man is stellar in a suit and tie. Always rules the red carpet.

Bel Ami Premiere Berlin Feb 2012

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Simple pony and flawless makeup. Always a red carpet beauty. Have you voted for Rob and Kristen for this years KCAs? Go here now!

Kid Choice Awards March 2012

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Robsten Pic of the Day

When they didn't get RC pics but we got this cuteness instead.

New Moon Premiere After Party Nov 2009

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'You Make Me Smile Like the Sun' from @robstenlovex

They make us smile and believe in love.
Video from robstenlovex

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Kristen at the Oscars 2013

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New/Old Picture of Kristen on the Set of Twilight + Old Picture of Rob and Kristen in HQ

New/Old Picture

Old Picture in HQ

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New Pictures of Kristen and Her Friends in LA February 22, 2013

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Rob Pic of the Day

It's a shame he's in Australia. Rob cleans up well for the Oscars. 


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Kristen Pic of the Day

OSCARSTEW!! Can't wait to see what she looks like. We've missed her. A look back at her last Oscar appearance.

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Oscar Sunday. I would love to see them together someday at the Oscars but they've never been there the same year :( 

Pre-Oscar Party 2012

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'You're The Reason I Come Home'

The reason he comes home, where his heart is.
Video from libenet

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Mike Newell, Director of Goblet of Fire, Talks About Rob

BTRC: You worked with Robert Pattinson before he was The Robert Pattinson, do you think you have an eye for talent?
MN: Erm, I don't know if I do. He was obviously good for the movie, he looks like the kind of fighter pilot, the head boy who will go out into the trenches on his second day. He just had that thing. He's a brilliant vampire! He's really good, he's a sweet guy, and he's a clever guy, he's not a dope at all!

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Kristen Sighting at Oscars Rehearsals Today

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Kristen Stewart arrived in jeans, sneakers and a backward ball cap. (She also limped on an injured right foot.)

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Rob Pic of the Day

What kind of shampoo are you gonna use? Durt. Love this dirty dog!!

MTV Promo May 2010

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Kristen Pics of the Day

So pretty. Always love looking at old photo shoots. I always wish for more magazine shoots for her.

Jalouse Outtakes – 2008

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Holding hands between takes. Their real love came through during these scenes.

Filming Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 Brazil, Nov 2010

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Laughs/Complicity-Something About You'

There is something so special about this couple. Their laughs together are so precious.

Video from libenet

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Hair Stylist Danilo Talks About Kristen's Hair for Oscars on Sunday

With Kristen [Stewart], I think I’ll probably end up giving her glam hair. I mean, she’s wearing a gown—shocker, I know—and since she’s young, she can get away with a really serious gown if she wants. But, you know, even if she just washed her hair, dried it, and diffused it and went with a big-deal beautiful gown, she’d look great and young and fashion and chic… We’re not going to make her look like an old lady, that’s for sure. I just want to give her hair that she can touch, move in, and feel glamorous about… Why wouldn’t a movie star want to look like a movie star? Also, I’ll just say that I already asked her stylist to bring accessories for the hair—with these side-swept looks, jewelry in the hair can be so amazing.

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Edward and Bella Still

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'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' BTS Video of 'The Arm Wrestling Scene' now in better quality

We posted this in a LQ video here - enjoy the HD version

YouTube - watch in HD after the cut.

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Rob Pic of the Day

Sometimes there are no words to describe this man. Sometimes no words are needed.

Cannes May 2012

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Killer legs, looking badass and sexy in this shoot.

Interview Magazine October-November 2009

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Robsten Pic of the Day

The funny side of RK. Love the sappy pics but this one makes me giggle.

Comic Con 2011

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Robsten Vid of the Day~"Our eyes are mirror images & when we kiss they're perfectly aligned." from CaliNative70

This song is so sweet and beautiful. The quotes that go with the video make me a sappy fool.

Video from CaliNative70

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New Video of Rob Playing Guitar with Musician Andrea Meli

We posted about Rob jamming with Adam Shankman's sister in law HERE and now we have a video :)

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Kristen will be Presenting at Oscars on February 24, 2013

OTRC Red Carpet Starts 4:30PM ET/ 9:30PM GMT/ 10:30PM CET

MTV Oscar Night Live Starts at 5:30PM ET/ 10:30PM GMT/ 11:30PM CET

E! Red Carpet Starts 5:30PM ET /10:30PM GMT/ 11:30PM CET

AP Red Carpet Starts at 6PM ET/ 11PM GMT/ 12AM CET

TV Guide Network Red Carpet Starts 6PM ET/ 11PM GMT/ 12AM CET

ABC Red Carpet: 1 | 2 Starts 6:30PM ET / 11:30PM GMT/ 12:30PM CET

Live Show:
Oscars Live Show: 1 | 2 Starts at 8:30PM ET/(1:30AM GMT/ 2:30AM CET Monday Morning).

Timings and Livestream Links thanks to Gossipgyal

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New Pictures + Video of Kristen in LA February 19, 2013

Kristen Stewart spent a night out with friends in LA on Tuesday. She was dressed down in yellow pants and a blue baseball cap as she grabbed dinner at En Sushi in Los Feliz.

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Rob Pic of the Day

Tipsy, sexy face, blinded by all the flashes? I just can't decide. Clearly he's still gorgeous either way.

VMA After Party Sept 2008

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Kristen Pic of the Day

She is absolutely stunning. Her beauty just shines.

Entertainment Weekly Shoot 2009

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Sometimes you don't need to see their faces to get the sappy feels. One of my fave pics from Cannes

Cannes Film Festival May 2012

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Reflectional Symmetry' from @invinciblehobos

Daily dose of RK. I really, really miss them together. I'm sure they're missing each other more! Hopefully a reunion is soon! Until then pretty videos ;)

Video from Robstenville

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Old Picture (Non Scan) of Rob, Kristen and Taylor from EW Photoshoot Nov 2011 in HQ/Tagged


Check out everything from this photoshoot and magazine in our gallery HERE


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Jake Abel and Max Irons Talk About Rob and Mention Twilight

Jake: “You see all these guys you are competing with, and suddenly you’re in a franchise that’s being compared to Twilight.”

Jake: “It’s more of a love box than a love triangle.”

Can you become the next Robert Pattinson?

Max: “It is a very lazy comparison, because Twilight was a phenomenon unto itself. Pattinson was chased down the streets of Paris before the films even came out. And he is doing well for himself. He has about five films with acclaimed directors lined up.

Jake: “A lot of people expect us to knock the Twilight cast. But Taylor Lautner is a really nice kid. Robert Pattinson, I couldn’t imagine the tremendous amount of pressure he was under — and he earned my respect when I saw him fight for certain projects. Water for Elephants is a great novel, the movie is what it was. That’s not his fault. That’s the risk; we’re the face of projects.”

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Rob Pic of the Day

Hello handsome. Before the crazy he was just a cutie on a red carpet. Love him in red!

Dukes of Hazard Premiere London 2005

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Looking so cute with her short hair. She always glows at premieres.

New Moon LA Premiere Nov 2009

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Robsten Pic of the Day

When they show us their love. The cuteness!

Ellen Twilight Special Nov 2011

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'The Robsten Beauty' from @LibenetK

The beauty of RK. They are such a beautiful couple. Love watching their love story.

Video from libenet

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Demi Lovato Tweets About Kristen

Demi was doing a twitter Q&A for VEVO_UK


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Rob Pic of the Day

His silly faces. I always wonder what he is talking to Kristen about :)

 Comic Con 2011

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Pure beauty. Her laugh is absolutely joyful! Old Hollywood shoots always are awesome with Kristen.

Vogue Feb 2011

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Favorite joint interview. They were so cute! Oww!

Le Grand Journal December 2008

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'This Strange Effect' from @Josi85Robsten

This couple has a strange effect on me too. I love following their work and watching them grow as a couple is pretty awesome too!

Video from jositub

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