New Fan Pictures + Fan Encounter of Rob at a Hospital in LA - August 16, 2013

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  • It was in LA at a hospital
  • He had like people with him I guess like assistants and staff but otherwise it was just him
  • He didn't have any cameras with him which made me love him even more because he didn't do this for the media
  • He was visiting the patients there :) He is so sweet
  • Meeting Robert was literally a dream come true! I was so ridiculously shy but he was kind of shy too! His smile made my heart swell
  • We shared a few words but we were both shy. I took up most of the time trying not to fan girl
  • I honestly cried when he left. I didn't want him to see my cry so I held in it but I mean as soon as he left the tears streamed down my face
  • I am stuck in this hospital room but the woman told me he met another fan and her heart rate went up. He was scared for her.
  • He don't know if he went to any other floors but he visited two people in isolation (including me) and went to a patient lounge
  •   It is because we can't get out without having masks and gowns on but he came in here and he didn't even care about 
  • But what warmed my heart a lot was the fact that Rob came into the room without looking at me as something contagious. He hugged me!

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