New HQ Picture of Rob for Dior Homme +Article + Tweets from someone who saw the ads

A new story is about to start. Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Parfum. #‎DiorRob

Yesterday we had the pleasure to see in advance the new move add of the Dior Homme fragrance with its new face in action: Robert Pattinson.

Evidently, we don't have the video to show you, as Dior jealously guards those images of Rob.

Patience, you will have to wait until September 1st to discover the new movie add in its several formats for television and cinema (20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 1 minute and 30 seconds). But in particular, it's the online movie that lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds (1 minute and 40 seconds of feast for the eyes) that will delight all Twilight fans. Even the non-fans, for that matter.

What we can tell you (alas, without showing you) is that in this ad, the British actor plays an exuberant, uninhibited, seductive and mysterious young man. In short, a role that suits Pattinson to a T and that he plays with class. He runs through the city, he dances. You can feel that the hero of the Twilight saga enjoyed shooting this movie by the talented Romain Gavras (Costa-Gavras's son), who already directed several short movies, video clips and tv ads for some fragrances.

What you need to know: the Dior Homme fragrance, a male woodsy and spicy scent that turns out to be elegant and sexy with its heart of amber and iris of Tuscany, seems to have found its perfect representation in Robert Pattinson.

To sum up, bring on September 1st!

@VirginieFemmeAc: "I finally saw the Dior Homme movie ad with Robert Pattinson. Stunning! Sorry girls,you'll have to wait until Sep 1st"

@Pattinson_AW : "You say 'Movie', we will have one short movie ad of 5min as that was the case for Dior ad with Jude Law? thank you

@VirginieFemmeAc: "There is a classic TV spot and a much longer one for the internet and the movie theater. Really well done!

Q @PattWorld: We have to wait! Can you tell us more about it? Thanks :)
  • A @VirginieFemmeAc: Unfortunately it is embargoed! You will see the TV spot is stunning but the movie for internet (very long) is great!
  • A @VirginieFemmeAc: And we feel that Rob had fun shooting this commercial

Q @Audrey_Frenchi: You tease us lol ... Can you give us some more details please???
  • A @VirginieFemmeAc: I'm sorry it is embargoed. I can tell if you're Robert Pattinson's Fans, you won't be disappointed

Q @support_rob27 : Did you like the Dior ad?
  • A @VirginieFemmeAc: Completely yes ! And by the way, the fragrance embodies by Robert Pattinson is exquisite as him ...

Q @Pattinson_AW: Does your magazine will have an exclusive interview of the actor about his new status as egerie? thank you :)
  • ‏A @VirginieFemmeAc : sadly no

Q: Thank you so much! This desire I have to see (sorry for my french)
  • A: @PattWorld Truly the video for internet is stunning ! Rob is cute and sexy, but still mysterious

Thanks PattinsonArtWork for the updates + Translations. -- Article | Translation | Via RPL
Pic thanks to Dior

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