Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart

Dear Kristen,

We have come together to wish you a very sweet and happy birthday. We love you and wish you the best, always. Here are some words from 'some' of your fans that wanted to wish you a lovely birthday. If you happen to see it we just want to tell you how much you mean to us and how much we look up to you. Thank you for being who you are and for never giving up. You are the realest actress we've come to know and hope you never loose that. May you have a blessed day with friends and family, oh and your babies, Bear and Bernie :) Massive hugs from your fans ♥

Dear Kristen,
 Wishing you all the best and a very Happy 23rd Birthday.  May all your dreams come true.
Continued support and love from Nicky. ( @cupidscloud  )

[Happy Birthday Kristen! You're such an inspiration - fearless woman - always being true to herself and hardworking! You're such a beauty. Have a wonderful Birthday! May God Bless you more! Love you! - Cherry Beth, Philippines]

Happiest of Happy, Happy Birthdays Kristen! It's been said (maybe in a certain movie you know a little something about....ha-ha, he-he) that 'your birthday is definitely something to celebrate', and it's true! Hope it really is the day you want it to be...and that you especially get to celebrate it in style (and peace) with those you love most!!! Congrats and many, many blessings on you and yours always!

Would like to wish beautiful Kristen the best of birthdays, the best of years and a life full of everything as wonderful as you are. You mean so much to so many, and your sweetness comes through to all of us who love you. Personally, I would like to thank you for giving me the gift of believing again.  Believing in love, in life, in dreams. Thank you for being the beautiful person you are inside and out. Happy Birthday baby girl.      A fan for life-XOXO, Cheri

Happy, Happy 23rd Birthday, Kristen from one April Birthday to another. Hope you have a joyous day and even more so year! Keep up the good work love your movies and don't let anyone rain on your parade! Love Life and keep your chin up.

Hi, today it's a special day for you and all Krisbian in the planet...
9 April 1990, Kristen Jaymes Stewart was born and for a million fan a future idol was born. You know, all my life i didn't know who i am and you are come, and at this moment i know who i am. Really, I'm not krisbian for a long times but you are my smile, my everything, my stronger, my sunshine and for all krisbian too. I think 9 April 1990 is the best day ever. God bless this day.

All this years i wait you, and now I'm the person the more happy than in the world really, i don't know how thank you for changed and ruined my life (lol) 
don't worry babe, million fan love you, we are here forever, don't listened other  peoples they're just stupid, just listened you. 
Krisbian are here forever with you. (and french krisbian love you, come in France)

thank you so much for change our life. xx

Happy B-Day Kristen, i wish you a wonderful day...with much joy...smiles...and Love...in every single day of your life.Remember you are special...be yourself and never change...you are gold you are a diamond...you are YOU... and I, like many people...will always Love You! 

Silia&Valeria from Greece :) ♥

 "Grattis på födelsedagen (Happy birthday) Kristen!
I took this pic of you and I at the BD2 premiere in London. Thank you for taking the time, those minutes meant a lot to me! Keep doing what you are doing and being you!

I hope you'll get a lovely birthday, can't wait to keep following your career and supporting you in the future!
Lots of love,
Mija in Sweden"

 Tintin L, 17 from Sweden

And I want to wish you a very happy birthday and hope all her wishes become true and enjoy her birthday.

Caro (@BrunetteStew) ~Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Hola mi querida y hermosa chica. Dios sabe que te amo como a cualquiera de mis hijos aunque tengan celos de ti. Ruego al cielo, a Dios y a sus angeles que te protejan siempre. Te deseo un feliz cumpleaños al lado de todos los que realmente te aman, que sigas cumpliendo muchos años mas, que tengas muchos exitos, que tengas siempre el amor del hombre que amas y el apoyo de tu familia y amigos. Cuentas con millones de personas como yo que te amamos y te apoyamos siempre. Quiero que sepas que tu felicidad es parte de la nuestra. Que Dios te bendiga siempre. Beatriz (Colombia) 

~~ Hello my dear and beautiful girl. God knows I love you like any of my children but be jealous of you. I pray to heaven, God and his angels to protect you always. I wish you a happy birthday next to all those who really love you, you continue to meet many more years, you have much success, you have always love the man you love and support of family and friends. Accounts with millions of people like me who love you and support you always. Know that your happiness is part of ours. May God bless you always.   Beatriz (Colombia) ~~

Happy Birthday Kristen ~ Love Anette (Denmark)

Dear Kristen:
The best day of my life I got the chance to go to Kelly and Michael, and as soon as it was over since I was hysterically crying and you came right over to me and were so sweet and you hugged me and took a picture with me.You are the nicest and most beautiful person I've ever met. ~  Madeline Murray

Kristen Stewart Birthday Videos!! 
Some of these were sent in and some are from our favorite video makers!!! So many great ones!!
The following video makers are also on Twitter follow and subscribe to their channels!
Happy Birthday Kristen!!
Video from melg0510
Video from xFiorels90
Video from robstenaddicts
Video from KStewRocksoursocks
Video from KhokhaAlmajnona
Video from andreuca94
Video from hsaecdwkjs4ever
Video from laive100

Thank you all so much for participating on this post. You guys are the best. Kristen definitely has the best fans :) ~ Alma (RD Admin) 

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