How are you liking Disqus?? Let us know!!

Hey guys, a quick head up... Switched back to the old blogger theme/interface, template for now. I was really trying to get the other template to work but I fail at HTML codes and all that. Anyone good at it? We could really use some help.

Anyways, how are you guys liking the new commenting system (DISQUS)? We've used it before but stopped because we couldn't moderate comments like we are able to do now. You guys know that trolls are just waiting for us to slip a bit so they can "promote the hate"

Are you liking it? Having trouble or are undecided about jumping in the discussion??

  • To post a comment you can sign in with your twitter, facebook, google+ or even make an account on Disqus. If you want to post as a "guest - aka anonymous" you can just pick a name and give what ever email ( Does not have to be real)
  • Advantages of creating a profile on Disqus is that you can basically post comments on any site that uses Disqus, Plus you can add a cute RK pic to your profile so that everytime you leave a comment we can see the pretty pic. :)
  • You can leave "real click able" links and even upload pictures on your own comment, if you want to share your comment or 'any' comment you can click share and do so by emial, twitter, or facebook.
  • Right where it says Discussion you can moderate how you want to see the comments, either by 'newest, oldest, best, etc'
  • Another feature that I love that it has the threading comments feature, now it will be easier to reply to comments back to back.

 I hope you guys give it a try and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. We're always here to help. Mwah ♥


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