Robsten Vid of the Day~'One Step Away' from @fiorels90

One step away from all I want. And so she took that step. SO happy she did it!!
Video from Fiorels90x

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4 Responses to Robsten Vid of the Day~'One Step Away' from @fiorels90

  1. So beautiful... god, it hurts me every single time... every time I watch that bit when they ask her if she would reconsider and she says no, because she's got a very good buddy now... Rob's face and that intake of breath like she just destroyed all his illusions with just a few seemingly innocent words... so heartbreaking... she probably didn't know how serious he already was at that point... so glad she reconsidered, for him, for both of them actually.... she definitely didn't choose the easiest or safest path, but I will always be happy she had the strength to do so!! wish them the best, always!

  2. Soooooo happy she took that step too:)


  3. Love the video. I, too, am glad she took that step. No matter how they try they just can't help but show how much they care for each other. Kristen gets so flustered when Rob smiles at her at times. Not that Rob doesn't when Kristen does the same. Such a great couple!

  4. Beautiful video of them. I haven't ever seen this one. So true in the comment before mine. I'm so glad that Rob and Kristen ended up together. They are a beautiful couple and you can really tell that they really do love each other. Rob amazes me how he turns and looks for her even now because they have been together for a long time. You can tell he really does love her and she really does love him. I just love watching them together. People, this is true love.


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