Robsten Vid of the Day~'All I Need Is You and I' from @newgirlblues

Watching two people so in love, is such a beautiful thing.
Video from diandravideos

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4 Responses to Robsten Vid of the Day~'All I Need Is You and I' from @newgirlblues

  1. Absolutely love this music and video. It makes me really sad when I know everthing that has happened in the past and all the bad and stupid press written about Kristen and Rob. Lets hope the words in the music actually relates to their own personal lives and they will never be 'without each other'. Love them both as a couple.

  2. Thanks for sharing, i love the song, and the video is beautiful:)
    I like hearing them talk in the video:)

  3. They were in paris city of love (: rob when to meet kristen it took me by surprise (: those were the days ... I hope in future we will be able to see them walking hand in hand together with smile on their faces (: and hope the USA government do something to stop the pappz from acting stupid and crazy like a pack of gangsters they are ! ! Hate them !!

  4. Great quotes from R&K in this awesome video!
    Kristen talking about the wedding scene: "It felt real...sparks kinda flew, it felt good!"
    Also Rob addresses why he doesn't like his life played out in the media "...any kind of life where people are trying to sell every aspect of your life... Things that aren't intended to be sold... it just makes me feel tacky... it makes me feel cheap...So I prefer, you know... to keep my personal life personal. Try to at least."
    The last quote from Rob made me feel sad.


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