Rob Pic of the Day

Always has his hands in his hair. Totally sexy in this photo shoot

GQ April 2009

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11 Responses to Rob Pic of the Day

  1. Rob your so hot, it's scary!!

  2. I love what ur saying but I think the fandom is pissed right of and rightfully so!! Fuck you MTV!!!

  3. Gorgeous pic, gorgeous man:)

    We (the fans) don't need MTV to tell us who are the BEST, we have always known :)

  4. What do u mean? What happened?

    1. Twilight was only nominated for 1 award at the MMA's and it was Best Shirtless scene,no Best's really amazing that a movie that grossed over $800 million dollars can only get the nod for 1 award..what's also amazing is that the Twi-fans have always supported MTV and now they've been given a big dose of zero,big fail MTV,you've just shot yourself in the foot.

  5. Love you Rob! You aleays look so hot.

  6. Hi there sexy!
    Ten more days of filming in the Aussie desert!
    Can't wait to hear all about that experience from gorgeous you! :)

  7. Rob, cannot wait to see you coming back home. Miss you so,so bad.When your new movies comes out I will be the first one to be in line. Love,love you.

  8. I love you rob so much, you are the hottest man on the planet!!!


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