Maps To The Stars Update: Rachel Weiz No Longer Attached

Rachel Weisz talked about Maps To The Stars while promoting Oz The Great And Powerful in the UK.

Rachel also denied stories that she will be working with David Cronenberg in Maps To The Stars with Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen.

"I'm not in that. I'm unemployed for now," she joked.
From Collider

Around 2:53

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Chatting recently with Collider (video above), when quickly asked at the end of the interview if she'd be doing Cronenberg's film, she said "I'm not," but wasn't able to elaborate further. The developing movie has Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen slated to star in a Bruce Wagner, penned film that takes an acidic look at Hollywood. There was no word on her role, or even why she's bowing out, but we'd reckon scheduling might be an issue. While plans were underway to shoot in May, the director recently took a role in "I Am Love" helmer Luca Guadagnino's adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel "The Body Artist" which shoots this summer. Anyway, we'll see how it all shakes out, and if Cronenberg is still doing 'Stars' in late spring or if it has been pushed back.

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7 Responses to Maps To The Stars Update: Rachel Weiz No Longer Attached

  1. Shame, I like her. She's a wonderful actress.

  2. I think her name was just thrown in when they started talking about it! have no fear,
    when it starts we will all be happy choices! But ya I like her too!!

  3. IMDB no longer lists Rachel Weisz and Viggo Mortensen as part of the Cast. It could still change if they get the funding before Rachel gets lined up for another movie. It looks like Maps is still up in the air in terms of production date. I also don't see any updates to MB on IMDB. Does anyone know or have more info? Isn't MB suppose to start filming sometime in April or May? Thanks

  4. Too bad, I've been a fan of hers since Mummy :) Wasn't she supposed to be in Unbound Captives with Rob too? I was sad he grew too old for that movie becuase it sounded interesting, but I don't have a doubt Rob's current movie line up is going to blow everyone away!

    I actually think Rachel would be great in a movie with Kristen, I would love to see them together! Oh, and let's have Rob in a movie with her husband Daniel Craig! That would be an awesome combo...Oh hell, lets just have a movie with all four of them LOL

  5. Yeah, movie production dates, funding, etc. always causes scheduling conflicts for stars. Rachel may have once been considered but because of the late start she may no longer be available. Like anything, unless they've signed on the dotted line, it's not confirmed. Actually, is Rob even confirmed for this too? I know he's got a few other projects coming up but don't know if the dates have been confirmed. I'm actually most interested in him starting up MB than this one. MB sounds like a really great and challenging role for him as well.

  6. Sometimes I wish we wouldnt get leaked stuff cause there's changes all the time and nothing is ever definite.



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