Kristen Pic of the Day

Celebrating our anniversary we wonder what Kristen thinks of our blog...well we can dream ;)

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8 Responses to Kristen Pic of the Day

  1. well me too 2 thumbs up! i follow you people 2 years ago and has been great thanks for your work and time happy anniversary robsten dreams you make my day yeah!

  2. i love how you guys always use matching pics lol it's cute

  3. High five to all of you wonderful ladies!
    These thumbs up pictures of Kristen are the best!
    Thank you RD for putting a smile on my face every single day!

  4. Happy 3yrs anniversary RD!!!I give thump ups too for your wonderful blog like kristen do in the photo and gif that you use it.

  5. She looks cute;)

  6. I love her dress in the first picture and the way she pose it's really cool.

    1. Kristen is amazing in anything and can even make a sack dress look good. It's not the dress or the outfit but the person wearing it that completes the look.
      Thank you for thiese photos RD...seeing them and remembering the moments behind these pics gives me joy in my day.


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