Kate del Castillo from K-11 Talks About Kristen

SBC: Did you get to work with Kristen Stewart? I heard she was in the movie and if you did, did you share any scenes with her?

KC: No, she was not in the movie. I think she did some voices only but I definitely met with her and she is amazing, she is a sweetheart, she was really nice with me, but I played many things with her brother Cam. Jules and her whole family are amazing; I wish [Kristen] would have played a role in the movie because she is a great, amazing young actress.

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5 Responses to Kate del Castillo from K-11 Talks About Kristen

  1. People who know/work or spend a significant amount of time with Kristen always, always, says the sweetest things about her. However, it is those who never met her, know her, worked with her, never seen her in the flesh, they are the ones that have the nastiest things to say. Go figure.

  2. She looks different in this movie, btw thanks kate you're so nice

  3. awwwww so sweet <3 <3 <3

  4. DVD for me K-11 looks look , its not showing in my country ):


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