Julie Bowen Mentions Kristen

"It was a big evolution in style for me to grow up and say, 'I need to take fashion seriously for my job.' I have a stylist now, and she's trying to get me to wear more revealing stuff. She's Kristen Stewart's stylist," the Emmy winner says, referencing Tara Swennen. "I go there and see all this amazing funky stuff, and I know it's for her. If I get K-Stew's castoffs, that's all right with me."

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6 Responses to Julie Bowen Mentions Kristen

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    1. She plays Claire in Modern Family, A very funny comedy show here :)

    2. Thank you Alma (:

  2. Cute - she called her K-Stew

  3. Never hear her name but she talk nice for Kristen!

  4. Who wouldn't want K-Stew's cast offs? LOL


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