'Breaking Dawn Part 1' deleted scene - Edward attacks Jacob (LQ)

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9 Responses to 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' deleted scene - Edward attacks Jacob (LQ)

  1. wish they left that in i'm not sure that the extended version is going to be able in new zealand

  2. Aww poor jacob but dont blame edward though LOL

  3. I wish they left this scene in, was bout time he kicked Jacobs arse!!!

  4. Okay I saw this clip a lot can someone explain why did he do that Edward says cause its for his good something like that? ???

    1. coz Jacob imprints on Reneesme

  5. Was that part mentioned in the book Breaking Dawn? I don't recall it.

  6. Wondering why they cut this scene from the movie...its so good to see Edward kick Jacob though i dont remember something like this happening in the book...

  7. Wow it was really nice to see edward kik Jacobs ass and I felt it was totally hot


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