Sam Riley Mentions Kristen in Interview with Glamour UK

How much of your own driving did you do?

I don't do as much driving as Garrett. He was amazing - he bought one, a Hudson. So he knew everything about these cars, he was an excellent driver. I needed glasses, which I didn't tell anyone about! And one day they put Eric in the middle of the road with the camera and said, "Drive as fast as you can, and stop as close to the camera as you can." I was sat next to Kristen, and... I don't remember. He was just a dot and a blur, until we got quite close. After the take, Kristen was like, "Wow, you loved that! Dude, you had your face right up against the windscreen!" And I was like, "Yes, because I couldn't see a thing!"

Was it strange that Kristen was in and out of the shoot?

Yeah, but she was there for the first three months. It was strange with the other people. I finished a day after Garrett, but we were there from the very first day of Boot Camp to the very last second of wrap. And on the way, people came and went the whole time. Steve Buscemi was there for a week. Kirsten Dunst would be there, then she'd go, then she'd come back. Same with Viggo Mortensen. We just kept travelling around America, and people would come and work. And I'd never seen America either, really, so that worked for my character, to see all these things for the first time.

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2 Responses to Sam Riley Mentions Kristen in Interview with Glamour UK

  1. Handsome Sam I love him one of my favourite actors he makes good movie just love him ( : when I found out he's in the movie with kristen OTR I was so happy cos kristen is my favourite too can't wait for the DVD I think is going to take along..... Time to get it ); not fair!!

  2. Love Sam Riley...great actor! I've seen some of his interviews, and he seems pretty interesting, nice personality...Also, I love his voice! And of course, he's gorgeous!!!
    -KC :)


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