Robsten Vid of the Day~'You Can Find Love'

When they found each other, they found love.
Video from Robsten974account

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5 Responses to Robsten Vid of the Day~'You Can Find Love'

  1. Lovely song to this video, all the vids make me start the day with a smile:)
    Thanks RD

  2. Awwww... Thank you Robsten dream so sweet , lovely song can't wait for rob to be home to kristen , she must have miss him a lot """ dear god so long..

  3. I miss them, I miss them so much!!

  4. I love watching vids of Rob and Kristen...makes my day. Love that stays strong inspite of the distance and time away from each other has got to be true love. and I pray that they are strong enough to weather the storm and the bs that keep on being thrown at them relentlessly, especially to Kristen, by the lying media, the haters and jealous fans of Rob.
    LOVE THIS COUPLE SO MUCH it makes me cry when they hurt.

  5. Love this video and the music. I love the way they both look at each other, pure love, and lust. Stop hating on Kristen everyone, who do you think you all are she does not deserve this constant barrage of hate given to her. Where is Rob and her true friends to stand up and support her. I worry that this girl will take so much and do something awful to herself. Shame on anyone who has ever said a bad word against her because there will be awful consequences. Sorry for the rants everyone but I am genuinely concerned for her well being.


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