Robsten Vid of the Day~'Wonderwall' from julyfox

'I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.' Their connection is so strong, from the beginning.

Video from julyfox

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9 Responses to Robsten Vid of the Day~'Wonderwall' from julyfox

  1. Awwww... I miss them ); sniff.... Bawawa... Maybe I call out loud they will hear KRISTEN PATTINSON !!!! We Robsten fans miss you guys !! Pls pls... A little something on the 14th feb : hee..

  2. Oh.... My fucking heart ! These two just kills me "" with their love ( : wish I have love like them ) ; can I fine one like rob ? Hmmm... No haha... I don't look like beautiful kristen sigh!!!! And no money sigh!!! );

    1. Beauty is just behind the eyes of beholder, I wish you have a beautiful love just like kristen and rob.
      Btw I miss them so much...

  3. lol at the o;14 how kristen put his bag to keep the distance, at the 1;39 how she moves his arm and rob let his hand out, but at the 1;47 she forget all this and his expression at the 3;25 oh kristen ... pricelesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  4. it was like kristen said to her self ; kristen control yourself ,control yourself but rob was so special that even with all the control your eyes and body was saying something else.

  5. the heart of kristen was in the wrong direction she was listening his head and take the right direction when she listen to his heart !

  6. yes we miss you so much and hope soon be together ! or maybe they are?!!!!!!!

  7. robsten i love and i follow you always xoxo!!!!!!!!


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