Robsten Vid of Day~'Come Home'

Wiping the tears...sappy video ahead. 'the reason I come home' sounds about right. Can't wait for the next reunion. I'm sure they are missing each other!

Video from eyesonfiiree

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5 Responses to Robsten Vid of Day~'Come Home'

  1. oh my so sweet and whoa! about kristen talk about the questions at the 1; 15 yes always all the time if they talk or not is the same like this days they broken they don't all the time .. the only true is his love...!

  2. sweet just sweet .. and 4 weeks rob in australia but ok pics or not i hope they soon will we together yes they will...!

  3. Very lovely video about two very special people who are very much in love. Kristen you are the reason Rob will come home and see you after filming in Australia. Kristen it must be said Rob is the reason you will be waiting for him. Hope you two have lots of passionate and loving times together, not long to wait for the both of you.

  4. sweet they are love by us ,

  5. The last in the pic, they've just finished taking a shower..together?.lol


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