Robsten Pic of the Day

So proud to be a fan that day and they looked so happy to share it together. They were a little handsy that day too ;)
Grauman's Theater Handprint Ceremony Nov 2011

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9 Responses to Robsten Pic of the Day

  1. Ahahahaha Rob!:-)))
    Robsten ♥

    1. I love robsten too.i hope they are ok.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! son preciosos

  3. They Are find ( : both have movies to make lets be happy for them rob love kristen yes and kristen love rob , they are going to be busy . Is all good.... ( :

  4. hopefully she will pop down to aussie to see her man then that will shut all the non believes up once and for all
    I would really like to see more videos clips of them like this, they seemed more relaxed back then - maybe they should just tell the pazz to go screw themselves and just relax again.

  5. Awwww don't you just love them:)

  6. They are so amazing together.Check out Kristen legs-they are long and mean.

  7. I am asking all robsten fans to please vote for Rob and Kristen in the final round of the THG Tournamemt of Couples. They are up against Ian S. and Nina Dobrev of the Vampire Diaries and ROBSTEN is way behind them (42%). The poll ends either today or tomorrow.


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