Robsten Pic of the Day

Considering there were 5 movies I really though we'd get more joint interviews. It makes moments like these even more precious.
Twilight Interview 2008

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  1. They are adorable , so sweet ( :

    1. Yes I love their play acting together. Very special couple who I hope have many,many loving and happy years together.

  2. Awww... :)
    Yes always cherish their joint interviews..they are so few and all are precious... :)
    Love Rob & Kristen.. :)
    Hey i never found this interview of theirs can you pleasee link the video of this please...??
    thanks.. :)

  3. They look so young !!!

  4. Shame we never actually got to see this interview :'(

  5. They come such a long way-personal and professional.Love those smiles!!Wish them the best.

  6. beautifuul couple ,i just say thank you alma for good news about robsten!!because i just read a bad news in heat magasine!!i can't believe that!! why pepole magasine whrite this sh..!!i'm so sad i believe in robsten for long time !!they're so in love ,please a good news about them !!!kristen goes to australia and maybe rumor will be over!!!

  7. Does anyone know where I can listen to the entire interview? TIA

  8. Five years now rob / kristen are leaving us behide ) ; sniff... So hard to let go ,, anyway still waiting for kristen next movie news (((: Robsten dreams thks you guys for sticking up for kristen when she is down YOU ! GUYS ARE WONDERFUL AND KIND """ may god bless you and your family .

  9. i loved their joint interviews!!! but i can understand why they were reduced as the time the first two twilight movies they were doing more joint interviews than the other three.i think....

  10. I think it was in the "extras" on the Twilight DVD in USA version. I've seen it a bunch. Promo

  11. Life was so much simpler then.....little did they know at that time how drastically their lives were about to change.


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