Robsten Pic of the Day

When they show us their love. The cuteness!

Ellen Twilight Special Nov 2011

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12 Responses to Robsten Pic of the Day

  1. So sweet, love them both:)

  2. I miss them so much!!!! ;(. Boo hoo!!!! Maybe I shout out loud KRISTEN PATTINSON !!!! We fans miss you guys so much """ a little tiny news pls.... Only to Robsten site pls... I'm going crazy """ haha...

  3. they look good together :)

    1. Very special couple who obviously love and care a tremendous smount about each other. Even when things go wrong they are still strong enough to pick themselves up and try again. Hope the two of you have a long and happy life together and make lots of wonderful babies.

  4. It is the way he loves her. It is so obvious. It is a blessing to love and be loved.

  5. I just love Rob. He's such a sweetie. Kristen is so so lucky to have a man especially one that looks like that and acts like him to love her. I hope she gives him sweet kisses all of the time.

  6. He always holds her hand in a special way-not the usual. They are so sweet together-Miss them.

  7. I love their little looks and touches.

  8. the most beautiful thing about rob pattinson is the way he love kristen,,, its just so beautiful :))

  9. Kristen, your so so lucky to have a man that loves you the way Rob loves you. Not counting that he's the sexiest man alive and so so talented. He is the total package.


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