Robsten Pic of the Day

Favorite joint interview. They were so cute! Oww!

Le Grand Journal December 2008

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11 Responses to Robsten Pic of the Day

  1. oh this image is sweet the interview oh so funny and the last question who don't remember? that question that become a yes!

  2. Both just kill me with love lots of love... So young and carefree how time just fly by 5 yrs whoa! Me is getting old hawhaha... Scary... (:

  3. I loved this interview! You could tell how they both felt about each other already. It was bound to happen and it did. So sweet!

  4. That interview says so much. When you see all the clips to the interview, you can tell they were already together; the answers, the physical interactions, and the eyes are all tell, tell signs. The other interview that convinces me that they were together or that something had happened since shooting Twilight, is when they were being interviewed during filming and Kristen removed a piece of food stuck in Rob's teeth and wiped it on the sleeve of his coat like they were already a couple real sweet and endearing. I mean that interview convinced me so much that I didn't realized that it was 2008, huh oversight...:)

    Guess we all know there was only one person who was rooting for this relationship.

    1. Correcting my last statement, I meant to say there was only one person who wasn't rooting for this.

  5. Kristen was 18yrs old during this interview and was starting to warm up to her new status as an A-Lister which included red carpet promos, media interviews and being stalked by papz. This interview was adorable and sweet. I guess having Rob in the interview helped put her at ease. They played off of each others answers and off-screen chemistry. Love it so much. I am waiting for the day that we can see them together in the same interview again.

  6. incredible!!!i love so much this couple!!i pray for them everyday!!i hope they 're still together!!!i hope gossip cop say the truth !!i miss them !!when we'll see robsten together and happy in new pictures!!it's so hard!!!laurence

  7. Rob, your so so sexy! Kristen, so beautiful. I just love you both.

  8. Such an incredibly endearing the start of it all. Love them!

  9. Look at Rob adorable face. He is so so sweet. I just love him.

  10. I just LOOOOOOVE how Rob looked at her even then . . . I mean, he really LOOKS at her like how she looks back at him or how she feels about him really matters to him! He looks enamored with her, smitten, like he has fallen MADLY IN LOVE with her, respects her above anything or anyone else, AND idolizes, even worships her!!! It was beautiful to see that a man can look at a woman like this AND it was beautiful to witness their love blossom from the beginning!! I just adore them!!!!! <33
    Have a good evening everyone!


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