Robsten Pic of the Day

They were so sweet in these pics. They were just getting started with the madness of the Twilight phenomenon.

Much Music Live 2008

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3 Responses to Robsten Pic of the Day

  1. Even at that time Rob spends a lot of time looking at Kristen. They are both so young, fresh and lovely. As the years have passed they certainly have become more aware of everything Hollywood throws at them. They have become good at hiding, what a pity that we cannot see more of them together.

    1. If they would not hide, they wouldn't be so interesting. Аnd I don't want them to come out as if they are on an exhibition, the stolen moments we get to see them together are enough for me.

  2. I love watching them together. You can feel the love. I love you Rob and Kristen!


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