Rob Pic of the Day

One of the weirdest shoots ever but he managed to look so good in every pic. This is one of the tame pics, but love that he's so willing to do crazy things.
Premiere Magazine May 2012

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6 Responses to Rob Pic of the Day

  1. Omg this man is truly unbelievable , he is amazing , his beauty takes my breath away!!

  2. Me too! He takes my breath away every time I get to see him. He's so so sexy.

  3. Rob always looks Hot in any photo shoot. This man is just beautiful inside and out.

  4. The shoot was an homage to David Croenenberg's movies. Each pic was based on different movie. Thats why the're so weird.

    1. Exactly,it was perfect and very original photoshoot.It shows his respect to Cronenberg's work.

  5. I like the twins in bed - cloning Rob!!! I wish we could clone him about a billion times.


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