Rob Pic of the Day

Rob was so funny this night! Really wish he'd do some comedy. I'm sure no one thought he'd say those things but his word vomit was priceless honoring Reese Witherspoon.

MTV Movie Awards 2012

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5 Responses to Rob Pic of the Day

  1. i remember this night and nobody really! like rob sooooo fu$&@& funny!

  2. So funny, i love it:)

    Thanks for posting

  3. oh yh how she played the role of his mother in vanity fair and how he fucked her in water for elephant. ahhhhh rob is just a joker, he was sooooo high and funny through out the whole night, and who could forget kristens cute embarassing face>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. He always makes me laugh that's why I love him so much. Roberto please never change :-)

  5. Love you Rob! Your the best.


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