Queen of the Desert Update from Producer Cassian Elwes

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5 Responses to Queen of the Desert Update from Producer Cassian Elwes

  1. Good news. People getting all worked up the other day for nothing. If it ain't from the horse's mouth, I aint buying. Well the horse spoke and I am so so happy. Doing the happy dance right now.

  2. What does "go in September" mean? Start principal photography? Is Jude Law dropping from the cast as he previously said in his interview?

  3. This is great news! so happy for Rob - this sounds like another great script. Rob is gonna be suuuuupppppeeeerrrr busy this year!! I admire his choices in roles for all the new films he will be doing. Lots of diversity and challenging roles. Can't wait to see him in all his new films. So much to look forward to. YAY!!

  4. Yes, another good role for Rob. He certainly is keeping busy this year. I feel so sorry for Kristen being on her own so much. I think Rob is testing her and she seems to be doing just fine. Hope he realises he has a true keeper in Kristen and I know the both of them will give each other lots of love and comittment in the future. Best to both of you and in years to come make many Pattinson/Stewart babies.

    1. Why would you "feel so sorry for Kristen being on her own? She is a strong, independent woman and does not need Rob's presence around her all the time to be happy. And Rob loves that about her. And I disagree with your statement that Rob is "testing her". Why would you say that and what would Rob be testing her for? That is so demeaning to both Kristen and Rob.


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