Old Pictures of Rob and Kristen at Kevin Turen's Wedding Uncropped June 2012

The cropped pictures were posted HERE  -- Even more pictures of them at the wedding ceremony here.


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5 Responses to Old Pictures of Rob and Kristen at Kevin Turen's Wedding Uncropped June 2012

  1. I love this couple! I wish they would go ahead and get married and have some babies. Wouldn't they be beautiful? I live you Rob and Kris.

    1. Yah.... All of us would be so.... Happy if they marry (: haha.. We fans will be jumping for joy and their babies will be WOW... Jeez... We can dream cant we , ( :

    2. Yes I think it is going to happen'someday' as Rob has already mentioned whilst signing for fans. They seem so in love and really suited for each other. Very beautiful, cute and loving couple. I only hope Rob doesn't become too possessive. He has said in previous interviews that this is one of his faults.

  2. I remember all the fuss over this wedding. People thought Kristen wore jeans to the wedding and so on. There is this site: Kristenjstewart.net. Lot more of the wedding pictures there with Rob and Kristen in their cutest moments. They are in love and it is so evident in those pictures. She is straightening his tie, he has his arm around her as the bride and groom are making their entry. It is just so cute. like I said, a lot more pictures from that wedding. You have to go to the older posts, back to June. I miss them and looking forward to seeming them after the DVD comes out. I am so sick of this "they are together just for Twilight" nonsense.

  3. Love her hair and makeup in this picture. They are so cute together. Wish them the best!


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