New/Old Kristen, Garrett and Kirsten Portrait from TIFF


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8 Responses to New/Old Kristen, Garrett and Kirsten Portrait from TIFF

  1. Lovely photo of the three of them.I think Garrett and Kirsten really looked after Kristen in Toronto. She was so vulnerable and she had become so thin because of all the stress. It is really nice to know people have your best interest at heart and are genuinely concerned.

    1. Yeah, I fell that too

    2. Totally with you Garret is so.. Hot " and Kirsten is great too they are there for her I was so thk full that kristen is all right "" all her fans were there for her THANK YOU ! You guys were GREAT!! Don't play play with us the power of Robsten fans ( : cheers all

    3. I agree with you. I felt warm that Kristen got these friends to embrace her in TIFF.

  2. Kristen looked amazing in this photo regardless of all the agony and torture from the media and the judgmental human beings of this world that she had to endure. She is truly a strong and independent woman

    I am glad that she has the support of Garett and Kirsten.

  3. I want Kristen's pants. She looked great considering she lost so much weight. Yes, Garrett and Kirsten took care of Kristen at TIFF, like a lil sister. But, Kristen was so damn beautiful and confident there anyway. She faced the haters and did her job and remained very professional to the media and very courteous to her fans. Says a lot about her character....brave, smart, caring, gracious, ....the list goes on. She is amazing.

  4. Kristen looks great with Garret,but nothing can beat her pairing with her soulmate!


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