Old Kristen ELLE US 2012 Outtakes in Better Quality

Check everything from this photoshoot and magazine in our gallery HERE

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Thanks to Kstewartfans

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7 Responses to Old Kristen ELLE US 2012 Outtakes in Better Quality

  1. So.. Beautiful she has two looks here one sexy and the other tomboy who can pull these off? One and only kristen Stewart my BBG (: missing you so much ! MIA haha.. Only she can pull these off haha.. Nija!!! Scratching my head how she do it ? Hmm..

    1. Breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder Rob saw in her something so very special even before they first met. He really has a special and lovely beauty here don't ever let her go Rob.I only wish you happy times in the future for both of you.

  2. She look hot in all this photo and so beautiful too.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. I love this photo of her so effortly amazing and beautiful.I miss her!

  5. she is stunningly beautiful flawless

  6. She is adorable! The most important thing for me is that she is healthy, safe, happy and satisfied!


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