New/Old Rob and Kristen BTS Picture from Twilight

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9 Responses to New/Old Rob and Kristen BTS Picture from Twilight

  1. oicu babystew!!!!!!

    1. Yes they were so young. I wonder if Kristen is taking time off before doing more films, I hope so. I really hope Rob is keeping intouch with her as that girl is so special and deserves being cared for. Hope they remember their first Twilight movie really well.

    2. I wish that Kristen would go to the Grammy's this year. She loves music and it looks like there are going to be some good performance's this year.

  2. Aw the good old days. God Rob looks super sexy
    Yum. This makes me sad I can't believe the saga is over

  3. I LOVED Rob in this scene, too! This is also my favorite movie in the saga...this was the only movie that was truly all about them and their love, and aside from the BD1 wedding scene, it had the most amazing k i s s, the kiss that started it all !!! <3

  4. 'Could you at least act human?'

  5. "You're going to be in a house full of vampires, and you're worried they won't like you?" Great movie! Great saga! Great love story! Edward and Bella's and Rob and Kristen's! How lucky are we as fans? Not lucky, blessed.


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