New/Old Picture of Kristen on the Set of Twilight + Old Picture of Rob and Kristen in HQ

New/Old Picture

Old Picture in HQ

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7 Responses to New/Old Picture of Kristen on the Set of Twilight + Old Picture of Rob and Kristen in HQ

  1. young, tiny and funny kristen :)

  2. I just love these two. You could tell it all started from the beginning and it's still going strong. They were meant for each other.

  3. Aahh my lovely kristen, looks so young and beauty

  4. Kristen looks so adorable with her goofball face in the first picture (with Taylor). They both look so young and loving it during the Twilight shoot on set. They were just kids when the saga started and they were all excited working together. I'll always love all the Twilight movies and like Kristen said, they are not going anywhere. Twilight will always be beloved by the fans and Kristen and Rob will be forever remembered for giving us the best Bella and Edward anyone could have hoped fir.

  5. Is the girl in the top pic with KS and TL her double who also played the flirty waitress? Her features and body type reminds me so much of KS that I think it must be her.

  6. Those were the days when they can still taste freedom and animosity. Where no one's bothering them while they're out and about doing what teenagers do. No hordes of papz shoving cameras on their faces and no shouts of obscenities. A very expensive price to pay for being in show business and a painful experience to pay. Of being robbed of one's privacy and the joy of living a life. I salute them for still being humble and simple up to this stage of their career and popularity. No bubble heads on their shoulders but just being true to themselves and unaffected of the money they banked. That's Kristen, Rob and Taylor for their parents raised them well.

  7. In Rob's goofy voice "When we started this these two were just children, but I was already a man!" LOL


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