New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob and Kristen at BD2 LA Premiere

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7 Responses to New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob and Kristen at BD2 LA Premiere

  1. Such a gorgeous couple.
    And so good to their fans.

  2. aah sweet memory, they look happy and so gorgeous, I miss them so much...sniff...

  3. Kristen is so sexy here love the dress so gorgeous... Her hair is so beautifully style , ah...rob look handsome in green they look great that night and their fans are so supportive I'm happy they are all right . Cheers to Robsten . Hauntedtwilight ,thks you guys ( :

  4. Kristen is one sexy minx. No wonder Rob has said 'women can't be too sexy'. Kristen certainly fits into this category for Rob. I bet they have lots of loving times together. I'm sure that they both can't wait for Robs filming in Australia to end so they can give each other some of that special loving.

  5. Ewwww thats my head in that third pic of Kristen. lol

    1. You so lucky ( : you are so close to her ahh... Wish is me I'll scream my head off!! Haha...

  6. Wish I could have been there. I'm so jealous of you people. If I was standing that close to Rob I would die. I loved his green suit. He's so so sexy.


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