New Rob Outtake from Blackbook Magazine Photoshoot

You can check out everything from this photoshoot and magazine in our gallery HERE

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7 Responses to New Rob Outtake from Blackbook Magazine Photoshoot

  1. My baby is looking good. aww I just love him

  2. He's so frickin cute!! how can anyone resist him!! lol

  3. Hot Rob! Not so hot for the tatoos.

    1. I agree...nice pics minus the tattoos.

  4. I love this picture of Rob. He's so hot here and in every picture. This man has just got it on the inside and out. I love you Rob!

  5. I really like the one in the gallery pics where he is in the leather jacket looking over his shoulder. I know if I ever saw him in person I would melt into a puddle. Just so good looking it hurts!

  6. Good God, he is SEXY!!! Yummmmm...


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