MyAnna Burning Talks About Rob and Kristen

"Kristen and Rob are incredibly cool, they deal with things in quite an admirable way, I think.

"People forget how daunting that kind of attention can be ... I don’t know if [staying out of the limelight outside of films] helps or hinders them, it’s such a personal choice and there’s no right way or wrong way.

"What I love about them is that they tend not to comment on anyone else's private lives and that’s why people who work with them don’t comment on theirs."

And while there were fans queuing outside the set to see the pair during filming, MyAnna says their fame was never an issue on set - or even mentioned.

She said: "I can’t remember anyone talking about it ... it was never an issue on set, no one could get on set! You had to have special access – it was like Fort Knox.

"We had a few people queuing outside who had placards telling us that we were doing the ‘devils work’, so that was kind of interesting… but the majority of fans are just so lovely."

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3 Responses to MyAnna Burning Talks About Rob and Kristen

  1. Bwahahahaha!!!! the devils work. I do know some religious people like this. They are off their nut. Can't take them seriously

  2. MyAnna's comments on R&K are refreshing and welcomed after the week we've had with the media, some comedians, and haters.

    R&K, so proud of you!!!

    1. Rob and Kristen are class acts.


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