Mike Newell, Director of Goblet of Fire, Talks About Rob

BTRC: You worked with Robert Pattinson before he was The Robert Pattinson, do you think you have an eye for talent?
MN: Erm, I don't know if I do. He was obviously good for the movie, he looks like the kind of fighter pilot, the head boy who will go out into the trenches on his second day. He just had that thing. He's a brilliant vampire! He's really good, he's a sweet guy, and he's a clever guy, he's not a dope at all!

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12 Responses to Mike Newell, Director of Goblet of Fire, Talks About Rob

  1. Yeahhh...he has IT! :D

  2. The first time I saw Goblet of fire I noticed Rob in that movie. I thought he was so handsome and when he died in it it made me so sad. I saw Twilight for the first time two years ago and I knew I had seen him in another movie and it hit me. He's not only the sexiest man alive but what a terrific actor. I love him. I'm so glad he has done well. He's so handsome plus so so sweet.

  3. oh my baby is just wonderful.

  4. I think Rob is very talented, great actor...maybe the Twilight series don't really show much of his great acting skills (I don't think its because of Rob, but rather more because of the style/genre of the series)...but in other movies I've seen of him, I think they show and prove how great of an actor Robert can be. I wish him the best, and can't wait to see his coming projects! Love him!
    -KC :)

  5. I've never known anyone think Rob is a dope, what a weird comment. Everything else i agree with :)

    1. I think he means how goofy he can be in interviews. There might be people to think he's only like that.

  6. Rob was an incredibly handsome young man and he is just getting better with age.

  7. Rob was perfect for the part of Cedric. So handsome even at such a young age.

  8. I wish I had that thing, Rob! lol

  9. He is a man, head and shoulders above the others in this BTS picture.

  10. Rob is really a cut above the rest . Love this man for saying nice things about Rob !


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